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In the near future, global warming has taken its toll, destroying most cities and leaving the majority of the world underwater. In what once was Japan, a government-spawned organization called JESAS has taken control of not only waste management and resources, but also protecting the country from others with the use of pilot-controlled Robotic Weaponry. These outstanding young people have an exceptional sixth sense called AI, and might just be the last chance the Earth has to survive...

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roriconfan Aug 21, 2012
Score 3/10

It’s hard to watch this series without thinking how terrible it is. It practically sums up all the mistakes anime series make over the years. It is more interesting as a collection of no-nos in anime.


It’s not the amount of detail that is at fault here; the artwork is on par with most lukewarm mecha series. It’s the form of the animation that you end up... read more

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Dralha Oct 4, 2009
Score 8/10

This was an excellent mecha anime done entirely in 3D CGI. It had all the trappings of the classic mecha genre: action, romance, politics, and intrigue, but the visuals made it a truly unique experience. The story revolves around Kazuto, a young mecha pilot with "AI" ability, which is sort of a sixth sense. He finds himself involved in a war between rival corporations for control of... read more



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