Rozen Maiden

TV (12 eps)

Fall 2004
3.823 of 5 from 12,747 votes
Rank #1,888

In an era when ordering on the internet has become the norm, online vendors have a new favorite customer: Sakurada Jun! From voodoo dolls to x-ray specs, there's nothing this middle schooler can't get enough of -- until a strange package arrives one day. Inside is a sentient doll named Shinku, who is one of a special hand crafted set of dolls called Rozen Maiden. Luckily for Jun, not only does he get to keep her, but she's decided he'll be... her new servant?! Join Jun as he struggles to keep his sanity in a house full of dolls who all want his servant skills for themselves!

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Rose Maiden - Fräulein Rose image

Episode 1

Rose Maiden - Fräulein Rose

Small Berry - Kleine Beere image

Episode 2

Small Berry - Kleine Beere

Mercury Lamp - Mercury Lampe image

Episode 3

Mercury Lamp - Mercury Lampe

Jade Stone - Jade Stern image

Episode 4

Jade Stone - Jade Stern

Stairs - Die Treppe image

Episode 5

Stairs - Die Treppe

Tears - Tränen image

Episode 6

Tears - Tränen

Dream - Träume image

Episode 7

Dream - Träume

Lapis Lazuli Stone - Lapisalazuri Stern image

Episode 8

Lapis Lazuli Stone - Lapisalazuri Stern

Cage - Die Gefängnis image

Episode 9

Cage - Die Gefängnis

Separation - Abschied image

Episode 10

Separation - Abschied

Destiny - Schicksal image

Episode 11

Destiny - Schicksal

Pure Ruby - Reiner Rubin image

Episode 12

Pure Ruby - Reiner Rubin

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sothis's avatar
sothis Jan 16, 2005
Score 6/10

Rozen Maidens are an elite handcrafted line of dolls that have an interesting feature: sentience. Each one is rather unique (and dressed to kill in gothic-lolita garb, straight from the fashions in Japan), and all of them battle in something called the Alice battle. Whoever beats all the other dolls gets to "meet father", but saying any more would be spoiling.

Anyways, one of these... read more

roriconfan's avatar
roriconfan Aug 21, 2012
Score 4/10

NOTICE: This review covers both seasons and its side story, as they are directly connected and not that different to deserve different reviews for each.

- Animated by Nomad, a minor studio which has never produced something great. Its most famous shows is this one and a rather silly mediocrity, called Chocotto Sister.
- Sountrack by a bunch of screaming banshees called Ali Project... read more

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