Rosario + Vampire Capu2

Alt title: Rosario to Vampire Capu2

TV (13 eps)
Fall 2008
3.794 out of 5 from 25,943 votes
Rank #2,460

It’s a new year and Aono Tsukune and the rest of the gang are now second year students. While Kurumu, Yukari and Shirayuki are being idolized as the beauties of the second years, Moka is receiving ten times the attention and fan mail, as well as… a death threat?! But when it turns out that the culprit is Moka’s younger sister, Kokoa, that is hell-bent on killing her, the situation becomes more complicated. Now, Tsukune has more than ever to deal with; from being stalked by Shirayuki and trying to get closer to Moka, to the appearance of Kokoa who hates her sister’s sealed form and doesn’t think twice about attacking Tsukune, it is certain that it won’t be a quiet year for the students at Youkai Academy!

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By this time the story has strayed so far from the source, it can hardly be called the same thing.  Though it does, albiet very, very vaguely, finally suggest some changes to Tskune near the end and that he can face some things on his own, it is very much too little too late and a very weak and poor attempt at that.  It is so, vague and weakly done it is hard to really know what the heck is going on.  Yet since it strays so much from the source and so poorly at that, it seems like the story arcs have no real footing.  The second season centers too much around this silly harem idea and does so way more strongly than the manga.  It makes the girls in the series seem foolish, weak, stupid, and/or desparate.  Maybe the series writers by this time either all left or were themselves so fed up that they just driveled on standard manufactured cliches to fill the script pages.  Most of the episodes are pretty weak compared to even to season one and also seem to go no where.  it is even hard to really understand or find any story arcs like there were in season one and the manga.  The stupid bat seems to take on a stronger more central role and he does not even exist in the manga and in season one he is mostly just a narrator.  Either role is way better than as a central character.  There is really no meaning or meat or substance anywhere in season 2.  It is almost a hack job rip off of the ruined mess that season one was.  For the most part, there are really no story arcs in common with the manga from season two though there is some, vague though they are, resemblences to the story arcs in the manga to season one.  Season one might have been a failed half hearted underskilled effort to retell the manga, but season two doesn't even measure up to that.


Story: The story of Rosario to Vampire Capu2 follows on a year after the first season. The newspaper club members are returning for their second year. What follows is a season which builds on the core characters as well as the progression of Tsukune and Moka's relationship. The story varies which each episode, much like the first season, while having a main arc (the main arc in the first season was more to do with Tsukune attending a high school for monsters and introducing characters, while this season focuses more on those characters as well as Tsukune and Moka). The story in the individual episodes for me was generally good, although certain episodes I feel had a weaker story than others, especially in relation to the main arc. Animation: The animation is much like the first season, though the characters seem to be a bit more active in their movement and poses. The greatest difference between the two seeasons animation wise is the opening sequence, with the dancing at times proving hypnotic. Sound: The sound is relatively the same. Sound is rarely bad in anime in my opinion (unless it is a particuraly bad dub, which Rosario to Vampire Capu2 thankfully isn't) Characters: Putting personal preferences aside for a certain 'cold' character I like, the characters in this are generally good. The main cast from the original are joined by a few newcomers, all of which are good characters that fit into the world. Certain episodes focus more on certain characters, and it is in these episodes that the show really shines for me. The fleshing out of characters and the simple fact that the spotlight is not constantly on Moka (something I didn't really like from the first season) is refreshing and adds a certain endearing quality to the season. The only part that lets this category down is the bits where the series reverts to the formula of simply having all the female Newspaper Club members fight over Tsukune. Overall: Overall, this series is really good. For fans of the first season, Capu2 simply builds on the foundation, bringing new ideas and new scenarios. For people who weren't too keen on the first season because of the Harem elements, Capu2 DOES keep those elements, but tries to explore the characters more as best it can. A must-watch for Rosario to Vampire fans, a 'save for a rainy day' series for everybody else.

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