Ronja, the Robber's Daughter

Alt title: Sanzoku no Musume Ronja

TV (26 eps)
2014 - 2015
Fall 2014
3.355 out of 5 from 706 votes
Rank #7,880
Ronja, the Robber's Daughter

Ronja was born one stormy night when the castle occupied by her father, the bandit chieftain Mattis, was split in half. Growing up in this divided fortress, the carefree little girl spends her days helping her mother and exploring the forest surrounding her home, blissfully unaware of how her outlaw father and his men provide for themselves. Then one day another bandit gang, led by Mattis's rival Borka, occupies the other half of their castle and refuses to leave. Mattis is enraged, but Ronja begins to bond with Borka's son Birk, the first child her age she has ever seen. Can the two be friends when their families are out for blood? And what will happen when she finally learns what the word "robber" actually means?

An adaptation of Ronia, the Robber's Daughter by Astrid Lindgren.

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