Ron Kamonohashi's Forbidden Deductions

Alt titles: Kamonohashi Ron no Kindan Suiri, Ron Kamonohashi: Deranged Detective

TV (13 eps)
Fall 2023
3.834 out of 5 from 1,467 votes
Rank #1,975

This unusual duo brings the hidden truth into the light! Ron Kamonohashi, a private investigator with serious issues, and Totomaru Ishiki, a pure-hearted but dim police detective, team up to solve the most baffling mysteries. 

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Note: If you’re not a huge fan of detective anime where the cases seem episodic and there are random comedic one-liners, this anime may not be for you. It may take a while for the anime to warm up.  Story: Ron Kamonohashi is a detective anime centered around the partnership between Ron (a talented and forbidden detective) and Toto (an amateur officer in training who is also a “pure and naive fool”). As mentioned earlier, every case is covered in 1-2 episodes with the only correlation being the recurring secondary characters. Each episode is nicely paced with a good amount of hints, dialogue, and use of skills. Since it’s only the first season, the second season will dive into the plot more.  Animation: Not the greatest of all time. It is a detective anime, after all. You’ll encounter some still shots from time to time. However, the animation for the eyes and hair is on point.  Sound: The opening theme is by Unison Square Garden. The ending theme is by hockrockb. They both fit the theme of upbeat with a slight scene of melancholy. Ost is pretty fitting, as well.  Characters: There’s a whole cast of unique characters. A detective with an incurable disease, a detective who would do anything to protect others, a dedicated boss, a clumsy doctor, a crime reporter, multiple instructors at the greatest detective academy, a crime-obsessed family, and many minor characters. You’ll find just about anyone in this series.  Overall: Great series if you’re looking for something random to watch. The cases aren’t the hardest to solve in the world, but it’s not child’s play, either. The partnership between the MCs locked the anime for me. I encourage you to watch the first episode and see how you like it.   The first season covered 21 chapters of an ongoing series. (118 chapters as of this review.) So, it might seem slow, but the foundations are set.


This is a pretty good detective/mystery anime. It surrounds an extremely-skilled detective, named Ron, who was banned from graduating from an elite school- due to his involvement in a serious mass-murder case. This banning leads Ron into a life of boredom. Around the same time, he begins manifesting an uncontrollable psychic manipulation ability which is used to cause people to kill themselves (but it is only triggered upon someone being found guilty of murder).  One day, a police detective of average intelligence, named Toto, demands Ron's help on a case due to his reputation. Toto becomes Ron’s helper and  intervenes when Ron's manipulation ability kicks in. The good: I loved how this show wasn’t dependent on a child or a teen protagonist. A lot of anime detective shows rely on the shock of high intelligence coming from an unsuspecting and occasionally immature young prodigy. This anime proves that enough viewers are interested in adult narratives. Some of the deductions were very good and believable. Others were just ok and were stemming from more of a speculation that happened to be right. Even though there are mature themes, the creators thankfully didn't add any raunchy or edgy s3xual $hit. That makes this anime more recommendable and easier to justify showing to audiences who are younger than 18. The fantasy is limited. Even though the detective has manipulative-psychic powers, it didn’t feel overwhelming. The pacing was pretty good and I liked how they made an underlying plot connecting to Ron's past.  Even though the "shadowy murderous organization" theme is nothing new (it's in animes like Detective Academy Q, Detective Conan: Case Closed, certain versions of The Kindaichi case files, etc), it was properly executed in this particular anime. My gripes: The relationships between Ron and Toto and Toto and his Boss get toxic at times. Toto is a bit too much of a pushover. I also wish he was armed (especially since he's a police officer). I didn't like how they said the two MCs won a "date" to the hot springs instead of just saying a "trip" to the hot springs… but it could have been a joke or lost in the translation. Who knows? Either way, nothing scandalous or off-putting goes down at the hot springs. Some of the humor is a little corny and built off of just silly overdramatic reactions. A found it weird and unrealisitc that hardly anyone else besides Toto intervened when the guilty party was attempting suicide. Anyway, the gripes that I had with the anime didn’t spoil it for me. Overall, I would give it a 7/10. It’s worth watching- especially if you are a “mystery-buff.”

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