Rokudo's Bad Girls

Alt title: Rokudou no Onna-tachi

TV (12 eps)
3.117 out of 5 from 861 votes
Rank #14,091

Rokudou is a loser, and everyone knows it. He gets picked on at school, gets snide looks from passersby, and can only muster up the courage to complain in secret with his equally hapiless friends. Looking to turn his life around, he desperately uses an ancestral artifact passed down in his family for generations: a scroll that is capable of subduing all demons. However, in the modern age it has a different effect—it makes all bad girls fall in love with him.

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Rokudou's Bad Girls is about a teenager named Rokudou Tousuke who attends school at Amori High and just wants to have a good time at school, but that is seemingly impossible due to it festering with delinquents. He receives a scroll from his grandfather and decides to undergo a ritual under the assumption that would solve his problems. It seems to have no effect...until he realizes that it draws bad girls to him. In other words, it is harem-building time. The show is entertaining in some parts, but it is not much to write home about. Some of the action is good, but the show barely scratches the concept of the school being "Hell" at the surface level. The animation is...okay. For whatever reason, just can't stand the ways that their eyes are depicted. Almost feels that some of the characters are wearing eyeliner. Don't even get me started with that one mafia boss wannabe who has those red eyes. It looks so cheap. The characters are hits and misses. Rokudou starts off as being the crybaby over how he just wants a happy school life, but he does grow over the length of the show. Iinuma is probably the most developed where we see that he hates weakness because he was much like Rokudou at some point. But he grows to respect him. Ranna is the most criminally underused. For all the building up as being a dreadful fiend who singlehandedly tore down delinquent factions because she was bored, she is nothing more than a plot device where a lot of the conflict often comes from how the characters need her as part of their plans. If you were to replace her with a cardboard cut-out, there would be little issue there. Her relationship with Rokudou is purely the result of the spell during which she becomes more affectionate and loving. It would be interesting if the show indicated that this was Ranna's true self and that there was some traumatic event that made her an emotionless fighting machine (hadn't read the manga so feel free to explain), but there are no hints of that in the show. The OP and ED are pretty good, at the least.

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