Robot Carnival

OVA (7 eps)
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This collection is comprised of 7 very different and unique stories. This OVA series preaches of intriquing storylines and fantastic artwork, each from a different artist. Each story has a different interpretation or concept about the one theme upon which this collection revolves: Robots. This interesting anime classic has least one story for everyone.

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Episode 1

Robot Carnival (Dub)

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Episode 2

Robot Carnival (Sub)

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skankfish's avatar
skankfish May 31, 2010
Score 4/10

There's something about voiceless or semi-voiceless films that just doesn't feel right. Charlie Chaplin was successful because his actions spoke more than he ever could have. Here, the animation doesn't really manage that. The result is awkward-moving over-acted characters. Robot Carnival is weird. This anthology is a collection of short animated films concerning various robot-related scenarios. Some... read more

Celeriac's avatar
Celeriac Apr 17, 2018
Score 10/10

This is a superbly executed thematic meditation on the many possible situations, outcomes and ethical and philosophical implications of robotization (and AI) that's becoming more and more important in our time. This anthology is highly artful and thought-provoking, and it communicates its stories and ideas very well without spoken lines. read more


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