Robin Hood

Alt title: Robin Hood no Daibouken

TV (52 eps)
1990 - 1992
3.257 out of 5 from 562 votes
Rank #4,769

Long ago, Robin lived with his family in the Huntington’s castle; that is, until one day the cruel Baron Alwine set fire to it, leaving only Robin and his cousins as the sole survivors. After escaping to Sherwood Forest, the group were taken under the wing of the hermit Friar Tuck and taught to survive in the harshest of conditions; but they are not alone in the forest! Little John and his gang of bandits are afoot, and they’ve kidnapped the beautiful Maid Marian! After discovering that they all share the same enemy -- Baron Alwine -- the entire gang (Marian included) decide to combine their forces for the greater good. Now, against tyranny and to protect the weak, Robin and friends will raise their swords and bows for justice!

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This is a kiddy story about the life of Robin Hood’s father. Supposed, the nickname passed later on to his son as well. All the heroes are kids and teenagers and there are several extras added in the normal myths, which make the show more epic fantasy like. ART & SOUND SECTIONS: 6/10 It took me some time to accept watching the prequel of a famous European story with a lot younger characters and in anime style. After I got used to it, I can say the result is very mediocre. There is nothing too well or too bad made, so the final feeling you are left with, leaves you indifferent about the visuals and the sound. It’s as if the graphic artists in the show were planning to make something totally ordinary from the get-go. Too bad; there was plenty of room left in the fantasy department that could increase the atmosphere and the interest of the story. Everything simply looks and sounds very generic and/or lukewarm. Still, some interesting visuals and sceneries in some important episodes and the nice intro and ending songs rather help to consider the general picture of the series a bit over medium. STORY & CHARACTER SECTIONS: 6/10 A boy named George Hamilton seeks revenge for what count Alwine has done to his family. Mary is a fugitive aristocrat and the robbers of Sherwood Forest already steal from the rich and help the weak by using mechanical vehicles and traps. All of them are between 6 to 16 years old. The bad guys, count Alwine and bishop Herfort, and friar Tuck are middle aged men. The Sherwood Forest is filled with magical creatures and contains an ancient power the evil count plans to acquire by using Mary’s locket by adopting her to his archbishop. Add a group of bishonen/bishojo warriors who obey the evil prince John, although they are good-hearted and several magical/powerful secondary characters, used in filler episodes, which make England a very wacky place.The story has several thematic undertones, from ecology (mentioning when Alwine is destroying the Sherwood Forest, in order to find the power), to romance (all characters seem to be in love with someone), to obsession (Alwine’s denial to stop being greedy, although he was given the choice).But all these are still not convincing enough; because of the really mediocre way they are presented through the graphics and sound. Plus, it is very hard to swallow terms like a magic bow that only good people can use or the enemy knights getting lovestruck on first sight with their main rivals, without even knowing who they are. Still, all things considered it is quite good for a children’s adventure. Not great but ok for the target audience. VALUE & ENJOYMENT SECTIONS: 5/10 It’s definitely not a run of the mill kiddy show (hell, there are even deaths and love polygons present), but that damn mediocre presentation of the show really makes everything seem annoyingly unimportant and silly. This show deserved a lot better treatment during production. VERDICT: 5.5 / 10 The accused is found … GUILTY! … of mediocrity.

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