Rio: Rainbow Gate!

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In the mood for some good old-fashioned gambling fun? Head on over to Howard Resort, a famous entertainment destination that's home to the voluptuous, and said to be lucky, dealer Rio. Alongside other casino dealers and staff such as the clumsy Anya and bunnygirl Elle and Ille, Rio helps tend to the whims of the resort's customers. With Mr. Howard constantly forcing her to wear more and more skimpy outfits and even a ghost tinkering with the hotel's plans, it won't be easy! Especially since Rio is the holder of a very special card known as a Gate – a card that other dealers of the world want desperately to acquire, as only then will they earn the title of Most Valuable Card Dealer...

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Episode 1

Goddess of Victory

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Episode 2

Gate Holder

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Sky Resort

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Roll Ruler

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Ant Lion

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Thrawn Apr 19, 2011
Score 4/10

I finished Rio: Rainbow Gate! for April's Monthly Marathon, when otherwise I wouldn't have watched it unless I wanted something sleazy, perverted and filled with fanservice with no redeeming value. I had my pride on the line after saying I would watch this and I question if it was worth it. I admit that I got some enjoyment out of it, guilty enjoyment but overall it was crap. I guess I should start with the... read more

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