Alt title: Riki-Ou: Toukatsu Jigoku

OVA (1 ep x 45 min)
2.985 out of 5 from 204 votes
Rank #15,164

In the late 1990s, society is descending into ecological collapse and totalitarianism. Saiga Riki-Oh, a mysterious man with a six-pointed star on his fist, finds himself at the privately-owned Tokyo State Prison. Serving a term of three years due to assault, his first offense, Riki-Oh openly antagonizes The Four Emperors, four powerful prisoners that control the prison and keep the rest of the inmates in line...

Source: ANN

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This series adapts the Prison arc in the manga. Well it says it does it only really adapts the first 5 chapters and then just kinda ends. The series is as stupid as it looks. If you can see the similarity between Fist of the North star its because the author was an assistant of FOTNS author. The series is about the Male character trying to find his family right. Thats the overall story. Its set in a dystopian future. But this was made in the 1980's understand so even if its called Dystopian future, floppy disks are capable of saving/destroying the world type dystopian future. Our main character is trying to find his family while making sure every bad guy dies. Like this guy absolutely ridiculous and there is so much blood in this series you think everyone is secretly holding a ketchup bottle. He gets handcuffed to a wall, he breaks the chains through flex, He punches somebody in the stomach the other side of his stomach explodes. He punches someone in the face but stops in the middle, the air makes him bend his face inwards and explodes from the inside out. This is real. There is so much bullshit in this series but at the same time the series just doesn't work playing the so bad its good angle. From what I described it looks like the series is playing the im stupid and i know it role but i don't think it is. I think it takes itself super seriously. there are stupid moments in this series which do make me laugh but there is something missing, i can't really pinpoint it but that is what brings the series down. The fact that it takes itself seriously rather than accepting the fact that its ridiculous. Maybe its unfair to say that since there are moments where it didn't take itself seriously and those moments were great but again far too few in between. I'm gonna read the manga next. I do hope i can finish it before Ao-chan for book club.

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