Riddle Story of Devil

Alt title: Akuma no Riddle

TV (12 eps)
3.43 out of 5 from 7,604 votes
Rank #6,530

Tokaku Azuma is a heartless teenage assassin on a mission of death. She’s been sent to a prestigious, all-girls boarding school to compete in an assassination game against eleven other beautiful killers. Their heinous mission: send the innocent and cheerful Haru Ichinose to an early grave.

Source: Funimation

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Akuma no Riddle was very frustrating to watch because it's few potentially strong elements were at best used poorly and in other instances flat out thrown aside. And there was plenty else to just get on ones nerves. The story elements had potential; an all-girl classroom of assassins who compete with one another to graduate by being the first to assassinate one particular classmate within 48 hours or face expulsion, a mysterious man of riddles with an obsession for rolling his dice, a budding romance between two classmates. One would think this could lead to a lot of action, suspense, mystery and emotion, but if you are seeking that, look elsewhere. The female characters were far too similar to one another. The love story felt unbelievable, as in how could these two people have feelings for one another? And one of the main  characters consistently referring to herself in the third person gets very old very quickly. Each episode was quite predictable from beginning to end with the exception of the final episode which was unpredictable because it made no sense at all. And the underlying question of the mystery man and his riddles? The revelation of his motivations is altogether unsatisfying. The animation was fair, and perhaps stands out more given the weakness of the other show elements. The sound during the episodes was mostly forgettable. But in a sincere effort to end on a positive note, one element I did enjoy each episode was the closing credits. Each episode closes with a unique set; new imagery and new music (much of which was pretty good) and the images used, unlike the overall story, actually made sense and tied in well with the episode it closes out. I would recommend Akuma no Riddle only as a show to watch in contrast to many other animes to gain a better sense of what works and what doesn't work. I appreciate other shows more when I watch ones like this.


may contain minor spoilers! I was referred to this anime from DanganRonpa, an anime I greatly enjoyed.My inital response was that this anime will be alright, no high hopes after reading the summary, but my views got even lower after the first 5 episodes and it's all because of the main characters. My main dislike is that everyone is there to asassinate one girl, and she soon finds out they are trying to but she still tries to befriend them all and when one hands in the notice to asassinate she's shocked! It might just be me but with DanganRonpa the anime I was referred from, they had no choice and it was kill or be killed, with this it's 'they're going to try killing me, better believe them all and get into danger' she puts the main protagonist through hell when she decides to protect her, since she is so gullible.The protagonist, well my only quarell is that she is an amazing asassin, shown right from the beginning but then boom, change of heart. I would have preferred this anime to be more of a mystery such as guessing who the target is before time runs out or something, but overall I'm disappointed in it. I would recommend DanganRonpa over this anime in a heart beat, it keeps you guessing and it has more action.  Update - From the latest episode, I have to say I am dissapointed in this series, it had the potential to be equal to Dangan Ronpa but the ending was completely unsuited for an anime about assassins, I wouldn't avoid this anime, but I wish many things were changed to be better suited to the overall theme of this anime. Quite contradictional here but I am a sucker for the happy endings, but it does not suit the overall anime. In the end, after watching this series I will say I am indifferent about it, there are things I liked and things I didn't like, but the way it ended gave me a warm fuzzy feeling. I'd recommend this to anyone who enjoys anime with a happy ending. 

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