Rescue Me!

OVA (1 ep x 27 min)
2.039 out of 5 from 1,567 votes
Rank #10,840
Rescue Me!

Masayuki's parents have gone overseas, leaving him alone in the house. To his surprise, they have hired Sayaka, a fellow student from school, to work as his maid while they are gone. Masayuki wants his life to be peaceful, but alongside Sayaka's affections he also has to fend off the attention of his kohai, his younger aunt, and his aunt's yandere lesbian admirer.

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Warning!:Do not atempt to watch this Anime/OVA if your under 18-16 This anime contains a shitload of pornographic scene's-And WTF scenes. Warning!: You wil be facepalming yourself! Yea you could categorise this as a Harem super duper ecchi anime or just a hentai anime.. lets just cal it a H-anime for now. Basacly the main protagonist a boy is left home alone any a maid/childhoodfrends/frends of frends come over. From a regular ish first 3-5 minutes of animation this anime turns into a H-anime for the rest of the way whit a lot of types of people ( girls ) of course this anime has a story but you wil have to read the manga for it or really be able to get a lot of info from a short time of animation. So If you like H-anime ( i dont hate em so i watch em ) watch it or if you just like WTF funny moments ^_^ be my guest. PS: MOM WOULD YOU PLEASE BE QUIT! Jeez im trying to record a video.. I'd also recomend not to be watching this whit speakers of your family or neightbours wil hear it... This anime has a lot of uhm naughty if youd like sounds and if some one walks into your room in the Fantasy moment yea.. well you could rewind the esode a little bit becauze its never an actualy scene its a fantasy ( dream ) so you can use it as an excuse XD, I beleve there wil be a datingsim ( galge gal game ) visual novel for this anime/manga so look into thad when it comes out! As we say in japan go hide under a rock watch anime do shit read manga and stuff and have a nice Otaku life!


It's like they wanted to tell a classic Harem/Ecchi story, but wanted to cut out all the "fluff" and condense it into one episode. They succeeded on that front, but in so doing they also cut out anything close to  meaningful progression/development or reasons to like/relate with the characters. Story - There is none. There is no plot. There is no story structure here. No problem to overcome, no emotional pull, and most certainly no closure. This isn't anything more than a string of ecchi scenes thrown together. Animation - Actually suprisingly decent. The art is beautiful in a lot of ways, and there's definitely attention to detail in the characters' movements. Unfotunately the primary reason to watch this (breasts) seem to have gotten the short-end of the metaphorical talent stick; they are misshapen or mis-angled in a good portion of the ecchi scenes, which makes them stand out against the otherwise good-looking art. Sound - Pretty standard. Nothing to write home about, but also nothing upsetting. Voice Acting is pretty well done, too. Characters - Only a slight bit better than the story. That is to say, they *are* characters and have character traits that uniquely identify them from each other, as well as distinct visual designs. That's about it, though. You have your standard cardboard-cutout MC who for some reason continually tries to reject the girls' advances, rendering his character as nothing but a string of "No"s and "Sorry"s. You then have 4 different takes on the "Girl falls for MC" trope, all falling somewhere in the Tsundere - Yandere spectrum ranging from "Hold me or else" to "I'll straight up kill you". Overall - A really disappointingly mediocre anime. Nothing of substance to develop on, which itself isn't necessarily a bad thing - sometimes you just want good visuals without following a plot - but it suffers from a lack of follow-through on those visuals. There's really no reason to watch this unless you're some kind of completionist that wants to watch every anime tagged with "Borderline H".

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