Rent-a-Girlfriend Season 3

Alt title: Kanojo, Okarishimasu 3rd Season

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Rent-a-Girlfriend Season 3

Kazuya begins producing a movie with Chizuru, and when things start to become close, a new girlfriend enters the mix!

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Think of this as a mid-season compilation of thoughts formulated into somewhat of an evolving review as the season moves along to its climactic conclusion. I hope it is informative, enlightening, and that you enjoy it. For recapping purposes, see my reviews of Rent-a-Girlfriend and Season 2 to see how things have progressed or regressed. Story & Characters Through this entire season, all I can say is, "What the fuck!?" TMS Entertainment ("TMSE") must be working hard at taking all the viewers, who have put their hopes and/or trust into them to produce a completely coherent season, and purposely making us angry only to laugh their asses off at our expense! I mean, seriously!? How hard is it to take an overly drawn-out source material, and condense it into a cleaner, more precise version of said material!? Why do I ask this? Here is why... Mami-chan is dead. There is no other reasonable explanation why, up to this point, there is absolutely no villain or antagonist. Even in a rom-com such as this, there needs to be one. Heck, even in some slice of life or iyashekai anime there is one. Rent-a-Girlfriend Season 3 ("S3") is neither and it has nothing. Nada. Nope. Not a single character can be considered a true candidate for this role thus far. Therefore, Mami-chan must be dead. In fact, just for thrills let us just assume that TSME replaced Mami-chan's character and purpose with Ruka, since she seems to be the one doing all the negatively interfering and "rooster" blocking of Kazuya. Now back to Mami quickly:  To be honest, a small part of me is slightly relieved she is not present up to this point because of her absolutely rotten demeanor, but still. Her character, or one similarly like it, is needed to bring some much-needed adversity to this otherwise melodramatic, generic, repetative, dull plot. Ruka, has her moments of bitch, but she cannot hold a candle to Mami-chan's level. Speaking of Ruka, the poor girl is getting the shaft again without actually getting the "shaft" she so eagerly seeks from Kazuya. Smitten much!? Anyway, she is fooling herself and her so-called BF-GF relationship with him. This is becoming a plot point that is being dragged-out and beaten to death, similarly to the real BF-GF relationship at hand. And yes, I mean Chizuru and Kazuya's relationship. Plus, to be blunt, Kazuya needs to locate his balls, man-up, and tell Rika that it is not going to work out between them. Moreover, he needs to come clean with Chizuru and let her know that he really does have romantic feelings for her. Incredibly, those feelings are beyond just the physical prowess that she possesses, because he really does admire and appreciate the person she is. It is increasingly evident that it is what primarily drives his attraction towards her, although she is a definite 2-D hottie. Kazuya knows that all too well too. Chizuru on the other hand needs to get whatever is stuck up her ass out and be honest with how she truly feels about Kazuya, and I do mean romantically! Yes, she shows sincere gratitude towards him, and she expresses her trust in him, especially after everything he has done for her regarding the movie they made, but there is more than that. However, nothing will ever happen between these two in the BF-GF department, good, bad, or indifferent, unless balls are located, and the object (likely phallic) is removed. If neither does their part, then TMSE may as well continue to tease the dedicated viewers of this anime series by dangling this ceaseless, soap opera storyline, where through two plus seasons nothing happens, and a spit-balled "random" cast of characters in front of us all with just enough "potential" moments and serious scenes (practically all of episode six is a prime example) that it piques our interests just enough to continue watching this fucking steamy pile of shit! Final complaint:  Kiba, Shun, Kazuya's grandmother, Sumi, and now Mami-chan are but distant memories from what is a good, but not great, first season of potential that, like the second season, is further spiraling downward into the abyss of shit-ime—that would be a steamy pile of shit combined with anime, also known as Rent-a-Girlfriend Season 3. The one and only bright spot in this season is Mini. She is awesome—her energy, her spunk, her mischievous ways, and both her boldness and assertiveness when it comes to Mizuhara's movie, and the support she gives her (and Kazuya) in regards to them expressing their true feelings for each other. Take her out of the equation and S3 is a near absolute garbage dump and a waste of more of the viewers' time. Animation & Sound The animation and art for this season seems to have done the exact opposite as Rent-a-Girlfriend 2 and has been downgraded ever so slightly. It is fair to say that the female characters’ eyes, hair, and 2-D figures are all kept at mostly consistent, higher levels, but everything else has slipped a bit. Kazuya may be continuing to grow in maturity and strength of character (minus the testes), but he looks horrible! Compared to the females, he looks like a storyboard sketch done by a cross-eyed artist drawing with crayons. OK, that might be a slight exaggeration, but just barely. Sound wise, the OP and ED are not bad. They are just boring and forgettable. The music and sound effects are equally unmemorable and just there because they have to be. If you want to include the voice acting as part of the audio presentation, then I suggest listening to this in Japanese with subtitles. If the English dub is anything like it is in season one, then save your ears the trouble and steer clear from it! Final Thoughts At this point, to save face TMSE should rename the title for this season to either Rent-a-Girlfriend Season Nothing-is-happening Still! or Rent-a-Girlfriend New Season, Same Flaws—both are appropriate, accurate renames for S3. Lastly, as I alluded to earlier, TMSE is clearly setting up the premise for there to be another sequel season of the same ol' trash. How do I know this? Answer...episode 11. It is the beginning of another small table scrap of plot advancement and relationship progression between Kazuya and Chizuru, which will include the mysterious and random character reappearances in the last episode with all the associated [pointless] character drivel, the pivotal season-ending cliffhanger with an exaggerated sense of something major is about to happen [the next season], and the viewers' frustrations being blurted out at the screen, "Oh, come on! Are you kidding me right now!? Fuck this shit!" (imagine a coffee table being flipped over and pillows being thrown at a television as I quote those words). To all those at TMSE working on this series, go shove something large up your own a**-holes then sit down abruptly on a hard, flat surface—show Chizuru how it is done! There will be no more continuation for me if the fourth season is indeed announced. I am officially finished with the franchise. Overall: 30/100 points Entertainment Score: 2.5/5.0 Achievement Score: -4 to Overall My expectations are Moderate, and it delivered Below those expectations. Age Rating:  TV-14+ (some minor sexual fanservice, confusing character relationships, stupidity) Additional Information: Video Format:  Streaming FHD (1080p) Audio Format:  Japanese with English subtitles Publisher:  Crunchyroll Equipment Used:  Acer AN515-53-55G9 Nitro 5 Laptop


[SPOILERS AHEAD!] There are three kinds of people: those who hate RAG and its protatonigst Kazuya for being an indecisive wimp incapable of confessing; those who like RAG for its cute female characters (people who simp Chizuru or Sumi, mostly); and last but not least, my kind: people who understand why others hate RAG, but instead of hating RAG, we revel in it, understanding the premise of the series, understanding the characters, and most importantly, being able to put ourselves into the main protagonist's shoes. Those belonging to this third group loved the first two seasons, but by this third season, I think even our patience is starting to run thin.The first two seasons were pretty good. Even the this third one was mostly okay. However, at this point, I think we're collectively starting to run out of patience. The first two seasons were mostly logical, but the third... I mean, it was enjoyable-ish to watch until the last few episodes, but they really have to drag it out and undo character development just to keep us from the awaited conclusion.I didn't read the manga, so I don't know how the story proceeds, but what I was expecting was for Chizuru and Kazuya to finally become a real couple in the last episode. That didn't happen. What we effectively got was a return to the status quo, almost as if the whole season didn't even happen. This is especially egregious considering how the last couple episodes show Kazuya manning up, getting his act together and resolving himself to be there for Chizuru, with even she recognising her feelings for him. All of the season was building up for the big moment, when the two of them finally confess to each other and kiss.... except that never happens and we get a return to the pre-season status quo instead, for the most part. Just why?People enjoy being teased to an extent. We don't mind it, when a romance between two characters gets dragged on for ages... however, I think even to that, there is a reasonable limit, and RAG is going way over the line there. And I'm saying that as someone who previously defended Kazuya's behaviour and depiction as perfectly human and believable, saying that the real reason others hate him is because he "hits too close to home".TL;DR: To whoever wrote the source material: Just get it over with and make them kiss, ffs lol

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