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Arata Kaizaki (27) quit the job he landed after graduation in only three months. His life did not go well after that. Now his parents are threatening to stop sending money, and want him to come back to the country. He has no friend or girlfriend to share his troubles he hits rock bottom a strange man named Ryo Yoake appears. Yoake invites Kaizaki to join a societal rehabilitation program for NEETs called ReLife. This program uses a mysterious drug to make him look younger, and sends him back to high school for a year...

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Kaizaki Arata (27), Unemployed image

Episode 1

Kaizaki Arata (27), Unemployed

Communication Skills: Zero image

Episode 2

Communication Skills: Zero

You're Old Now image

Episode 3

You're Old Now

Overlap image

Episode 5


This Isn't the First Time image

Episode 6

This Isn't the First Time

Test Subject 001 -> 002 image

Episode 7

Test Subject 001 -> 002

Revenge image

Episode 9


Everyone's Selfish Desires image

Episode 10

Everyone's Selfish Desires

A Trip to the Past image

Episode 11

A Trip to the Past

Double Panic image

Episode 12

Double Panic

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ThatAnimeSnob's avatar
ThatAnimeSnob Jul 24, 2016
Score 4/10

ReLife is yet another show that is more about themes that execution. As long as you like its premise and find the characters likable, it doesn’t matter how it plays out. For example, many people found it very relatable because they could really understand the problems the characters are facing. I found nothing relatable in it; I hated high school and the idea of having to relive it is horrifying... read more

Mystotakun's avatar
Mystotakun Jul 10, 2016
Score 8/10

Every new season we anime fans are treated with countless slice of life shows; shows which do nothing more than make us watch other people living their life. These type of shows tend to attract a certain audience and also are hit or miss. Thankfully ReLIFE is a 13 episode hit. Story The story follows Arata Kaizaki, an unemployable 27 year old single man living off his parents money. After leaving... read more

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