ReLIFE: Kanketsu-hen

OVA (4 eps x 24 min)
4.204 out of 5 from 9,824 votes
Rank #297

As the two ReLife experiments are about to reach their time limit, Arata Kanzaki and Chizuru Hoshino must wrap things up at school. Soon their memories will be partially erased and they will be introduced to their adult lives once again.

Source: ANN

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Alright, this will be a little different review since the subject matter is an OVA (basically an added episode of the series if you're new to anime) of the series ReLIFE. So let's start with the most important part - the story!  It's pretty decent for an OVA. What I liked is the studio didn't just pack one episode with as much plot points as possible to get rid of loose ends. Nope. What they did is a mini-series that give the viewer a satisfying ending to the story. On a less technical note: the story ends well. Its a little bittersweet a little funny and a little heartwarming. Basically, if you cant do another season of the series and you want to finish it as well as possible - this is how it should be done. Second: the animation. As in the original series, the animation is pretty good. I especially like the manga-like additions of characters perspective on the situation  (where the situation is drawn in an overly simplistic way to hit the point of the scene better) in comedy sequences. Third: the sound. The sound is ok. There's not much more to add to it. Fourth: the characters. The characters, just like in the original series, is where the show shines. They're likable, relatable and you want to see them grow and change (and they do). More importantly, the story arc that the main protagonist goes through and the way he is feeling towards everyone eventually forgetting him is masterfully done. The side characters get a little time to shine too. We did get them introduced in the first season pretty well, the story has given us reasons to understand and/or like them and the OVA takes some time to show us what happens to them too. I also liked the way the story deals with characters forgetting the main protagonist without his adventures with them being kind of pointless. Verdict: Its a great ending to a great (albeit little short) series. Go watch it already!

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