Redo of Healer

Alt title: Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi

TV (12 eps)
3.401 out of 5 from 7,330 votes
Rank #6,773
Redo of Healer

In a dark world of monsters, adventurers and mages, some of the most gifted healers are subjugated to brute force even by the hands of their compatriots. But one mage, Kayal, gains the ability to rewind time, turn the tables and right all wrongs.

Source: Sentai Filmworks

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UPDATE: It's over buds, move back to your actual hentai.(TRIGGER WARNING! TOPICS ABOUT: RAPE, ABUSE, DRUG ABUSE, SEXUAL CONTENT, CUSSING.)(WARNING: !SPOILERS!)Jeez, can't believe I'm actually writing an actual review on this thing..Οh well, here goes nothing, I guess.STORYSo, where do I even start about the story? Give me about.. 2 minutes to remember what the concept is, because after all those sex scenes I've witnessed, I forgot I'm supposed to take this as a serious seasonal show. Uh, what was it-Oh, right! Revenge. If there's one word to describe this.. "show", then it's definitely that. Long story short, the main character has received plenty of abuse and has been torturted over and over again by many people, and now he wishes to take revenge on them one by one. He basically wishes to make them suffer as much as he did, and more if he wants to, with the help of his two sex toys that he uses for pleasure whenever he's bored (literally in every episode). He manipulated the time, murdered people, mind slaved others for his own benefit and took advantage of many people, not regretting one bit. Of course, he's not completely emotionless and cold hearted, he does care for certain people, but mostly for himself. To sum it up, a crying sheep became an edgelord and a sex God, vengeful to the core *chef kiss*.My description can already seem cringe. Yeah, now imagine the show itself. It uses rape, drug abuse as well as physical and mental abuse as an excuse for the story to develop and have a progression. Rape.. rape.. and more rape, every damn episode. Although his two females seem to enjoy it, you gotta be smart and think that he used their traumatic pasts to get them to follow him as their leader, counts as a sexual assault (yes, he uses drugs for that shit too). Looks like the author was a bit horny, eh? To spice it up even more, you can see it's considered "BD H (Borderline HENTAI)" because of the nudity, but even the sex dialogues are cringe to read, although they are the same as in actual hentai. Wanna know why it feels cringe to look at and it wouldn't be if it was actual porn? Because this tries to have a plot. Well, it does have a plot technically, but tries to make us all horny in the mean time. One time the show can seem dark, scary and violent, and the next you can see a girl bouncing on the MC as if there's no tomorrow. In short, it really just tries to glorify rape and sexual assault for the sake of it and to justify "revenge", which is pure annoying at times.CHARACTERSAs mentioned before, the MC has suffered a lot and received abuse from various types of garbage, such as:-A pink haired, narcisstic bitch who treats heroes as if they are dogs, for the sake of having fun, taking advantage of her royal position as a princess (Yes, the MC is a hero). She's one of those snakes who look like sweethearts on the outside, and once you learn the inside, you feel like jumping off a cliff.-The two followers of the princess. One being a lesbian who is obsessed with her, and of course horny as fuck, and the other being a homosexual rapist who raped the MC... just because. Okay, fine, maybe it was because of his psychological and mental issues, but why the fuck would anyone pay attention to that? Right, thought so as well.Can't remember others who abused him, excuse my memory, I should have tried to pay more attention (notice my damn sarcasm).Let's talk about the MC, oh boy.Keyaru is a very vengeful and selfish boi. Before his abuse, he seemed like a kind and friendly hero who wished to serve the ones in need, especially the beautiful pink haired bi- princess that he met at the start of the show. However, once he figured out her true nature and went through many types of turture, physical, mental, psychological and sexual, he popped out as an edgelord like a damn insect and you can imagine the rest. Revenge is not a bad motive in anime, as it has been displayed greatly in some, Vinland Saga for example, a show that did great on that. Now..this show? Let me not comment about that. It's pure edge, it's the typical anger people develop in series instead of trying to cope with therapy. They choose murder and payback as their motive in life. 0 depth, moving on.Flare and Setsuna! Perfect timing. Since we mentioned the owner, I might as well talk about the dogs. Both females have no purpose other than serving him. Setsuna started off as a vengeful character (what a damn surprise that is), wishing to avenge her people who had been enslaved. When she met Keyaru, he made her believe that only he can provide her the means to take revenge, and like a hopeless puppy, she instantly became his pet, after of course having sex with him. After managing to take revenge, she does nothing else, absolutely nothing. She lives and breathes to serve her knight in shining armor who saved her from the darkness. Flare (current time).. it's complicated to explain how she appeared, better watch the first episodes of the show for that, 'cause I already forgot. Either way, you can imagine the drill. She slept with him and became his shadow, he even mentions how he sees her only as a toy he plays with and instead calls Setsuna his favourite girl (GOD I WAS LAUGHING). Again, no damn purpose or interesting motive in the story whatsoever. She's just..there, being damn boring and a terrible character, helping him sometimes I guess (if you know what I mean..).Eve was introduced as your typical introvert who doesn't fucking talk and prefers to stay quiet. She met Keyaru at a "restaurant" where he recognized her as the Demon Lord he met back in the past and wished to befriend her in order to use her power later on. After being attacked at that place, she agreed to following Keyaru and as a result, he helped her escape and technically saved her and welcomed her to his house afterwards. Then she obviously had sex with hi- NO! THE SURPRISE IS HERE!! She has yet to sleep with him, not even by the end of the season!! Can you believe it?! I was so amazed I tried to my best to enjoy her character. Until.. she started to fucking masturbate every time she heard the other horny assholes fucking in the next room. Of course, she's no damn different from the other useless sex toys, she will soon join Keyaru's dog gang, although she's already a boring ass character, but yeah no surprise about that either. Basically, she's just your typical, bland tsundere in hentai, who refuses to sleep with you at first despite enjoying hearing your moans, but you know she will give in later on (ready for our Eve to lose her pureness in the next season? 'cause I know I'm not, fucking hell..).Norn is your horny narcissist and extremely similar to Flare (past time), except she gets sexually assaulted by her own sister and ends up enjoying it, YEAH, YOU EXPECTED SOMETHING DIFFERENT? She is supposedly a villain, but a weak and stupid one. She also didn't get much screen time, I don't have much to say. To be fair, I have almost nothing to say about the characters, I'm mostly moaning and whining like a bitch about their terrible representation, and Norn ain't any damn different, she pisses me off equally. At the end, she gets brainwashed and enslaved by Keyaru, losing her actual memories and forgetting who she truly is. Now, she lives and breathes thinking she's Keyaru's little sister with a brother-complex (AGAIN, DID YOU EXPECT SOMETHING ELSE? I DON'T THINK SO). Yay.. who's ready for some incest next season? Y-Yeah, hype!!Props to my baby Anna though, for being the only character I wouldn't mind hugging and talking to (BUT DARE TO RUIN HER TOO, AND I'LL THROW HANDS). Update: Bruh, great, she fucking died. I'm out-A few more characters are introduced later on, but I'm way too lazy to talk about every single one of them, as I haven't even seen enough of everyone yet.ANIMATION & SOUNDCan you believe it? Both aspects are SO AVERAGE I could cry about it, but they happen to be the best thing about this show, or at least the thing that I can tolerate the most. For a show that came out in 2021, the animation looks as if it's from the 2000's, and even during that year, the animation was spectacular in some series. This work is basically what my aunt can do if she practices for a year full time. The sound, you ask? What about it, lol? Even the opening is annoying to my ears, personally. It's not that bad, but it's not something I would dance to, sing in the car, in the shower, or play on my phone. The sound effects can be considered ok, the voice acting is decent and rather simple, and the music is nowhere near memorable but plain boring.OVERALLI'm obviously not supposed to take this show seriously, right? Please tell me I'm not supposed to. Call me a snowflake, even I myself can't believe I sat down writing this for a series that doesn't even deserve my time, I was bored, alright? Why do I still watch it after all of these complaints mentioned above, you ask? Time killing. If I have to give out a positive thing about this Anime is that it kills time, a lot of it. It's perfect to watch with my friends and laugh at its ridiculous themes when we're bored as hell, so we will definitely finish this for no reason other than boredom and fun. But yeah, let's be real, it ain't worth its adaptation one bit. Should have just stayed as a light novel, to be honest. Welp, that's it. I enjoyed writing this anyway, lol. I'mma go back to the actual shows that I watch for true entertainment. You may check my scores below! (Don't mind my 3.3, that's too kind, the points came from the animation and sound..)STILL A GREAT LAUGH THOUGH, PROPS TO THAT!-might update this once the series is over.-yup, I updated it.LAST UPDATE: Ffffuuuuckk... there's obviously going to be another season, why can't you just leave us alone-

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