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Aug 20, 2012

This movie ( which has absolutely no relation to One Piece ) is aimed at fans of racing movies, such as The Fast and the Furious. On a secondary level it will appeal dearly to anyone who loves great animation, over the top action, and not much of a plot to tire his mind while looking at the pretty lights. Anime and racing go way back as the original Speed Racer but it was only after Initial D came around that people started to care about the genre in those weird Asian cartoons. Many others tried to redo its fame but none managed to do so… until this baby came out.


The production took seven whole years just to guarantee the necessary quality and style that such a project would require. And DAMN I must say the results are rewarding you in the fullest. I mean DAMN it looks super epic gorgeous just to look at. It has this style that makes it feel like a stylish graphic novel and soundtracks full of beat. It is not a first; they did a similar style in Dead Leaves and Trava: Fist Planet but the budget alone makes this ten times cooler. Studio Madhouse once again proves that it’s the king of anime series with this beauty, and if GAINAX hadn’t made Gurren Lagann while the film was still in the making, it would have caused an unparallel tsunami of excitement worldwide in its stead. But it’s ok; I consider Red Line to be the Gurren Lagann of movies.

So, just like your typical blood-boiling racing movie, the goal everybody has in the story is to win in a race. That is all, do not look any deeper for more, these guys just live to race. Although there are some attempts to flavor it further by inserting some secondary events, such as miners trying to sabotage a military facility, which is hiding a weapon of mass destruction, which goes out of control, which causes laser satellites to fire upon the planet, which causes Katsuhiro Otomo to think about suing them for shamelessly stealing all his ideas from Akira, down to it the story is by far the least of your concerns and by far the weakest aspect of the film. You are not watching this for its substance but for its over-the-top style; end of story. Everything follows the rule of cool and thus you get these insane stunts and explosions which if the story was trying even a little bit to show realistically, would have resulted to the horrible deaths of all the competitors in just a few minutes after the race begins. I mean, seriously, don’t try to make any sense of it because you will be facepalming every 30 seconds and you will miss all the awesomeness of the action.


Just like the story, the characters are also nothing complicating. We basically have 8 cars with one or two drivers in each, and every one of them is there for fame and glory. They are all quite the crazy folks risking their lives for a silly race but then again the whole point of the movie is to bring out their idealism to heights of mount Everest, so they fit the whole thing. Plus, none of them are fakin wimps like most of modern shows are full of today. THIS IS GAR MAN! I LOVE GAR! They are walking down the street with their uber machoness and revealing sexuality, making everybody to just drop their jaws and look for their ejected eyeballs by the awesomeness. DIS IS DA SH1T YIHA!

The story focuses mostly on two drivers, JP and Sonoshee, as well as the childhood fiend Frizbee and his shady dealings with the mafia regarding fixed races. The first two are like star-crossed lovers and to be honest I didn’t like how they even tried to include such sloppy excuses for romance in this mess. I guess it’s necessary to show some sort of romance amongst all the madness for the first place. It’s still weak though. As for his friend, well, he is supposed to make things more grey but the way everything in this movie happen are so insane that it doesn’t mean much in the longrun. As for all the rest, they are there only for flavoring the whole thing and despite each one being presented as entirely different, they are eventually quite unimportant despite the epic stuff that blow up around them.


Anyways, both characters and story are eventually nothing but dressing for the action, which as I said so many times it’s superb. I am usually not fond of such shallow works but it also doesn’t drag more than it should, so I don’t think I would like it if it was a series. In this case it is awesome for the purpose they make it to be; something between Oban Star Racers, Mad Max, and Death Race 2000 all in one package and hyped to over 9000 in adrenaline. If this does not get to you, nothing will.

So that’s pretty much it, a movie you watch for the adrenaline and the oozing style. It’s not going to make you think about anything but it’s a great piece of action of a level much higher that most others out there. Take it as it is or GTFO!

4/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
6/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
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Oct 17, 2014

Redline is an odd film to think about. At its very well-presented surface there are racecars with rocket launchers that seem to fulfill a base desire for wanton destruction. But with such bombast in the film, it would be easy to assume the writing is shallow, isn’t great, or is even bad. That Redline actually has solid storytelling to go along with its senseless action is as much of a surprise to me is at might be to you.

But yes, the film does indeed have racecars/mechs/boats/whatever with rocket launchers as the first few minutes will prove. But the race the contestants are in isn’t the namesake, but a qualifying event called Yellowline. The story itself follows the exploits of JP, who lives and breathes racing, but unlike the other contestants his ride isn’t armed to the windshield. As Yellowline concludes, an unfortunate event causes him to lose the race, but as preparation for Redline starts, a string of coincidences give him another chance to compete in the race.

From there, most of the film spends its time building character relationships and motivations. I would say world building, but most if it is made on the spot for whatever would be cool to happen in that situation. The titular race is going to take place on Roboworld, a planet whose rulers really don’t want the race taking place there. Somehow, they’re obligated enough to let the racing committee set up shop for the race, but violent enough to attack the racers, whether at a diner or at the race itself. Said racing committee has rules about race rigging to protect its entrants, despite all of the racers being allowed to drive what are effectively war vehicles. Yeah. Really.

Don’t mistake my facetiousness for disdain though. There’s a certain charm in knowing that flirtatious twins who command a racing stripper mech...come from the royalty of a magical kingdom planet. And the incompetence of Roboworld’s rulers makes the thought of how they run the planet humorous. Very little of the setting from its rules on racing to eligibility for racing don’t align. The racing committee has rules in place to protect its entrants, but they don’t seem to mind letting a police officer and the convict he’s chasing compete. The only consistency here is how inconsistent everything is. It’s cool things for the sake of cool things.

But back to the characters, all of them are fairly archetypical. JP is the typical cool cat who lives for glory, Sonoshee the sexy love interest, and Frisbee the manager and friend who makes the tough decisions. There’s nothing else to say about them individually, but together their naturally connected backstories give a surprising amount of weight to their relationships. These backstories don’t say much, but they unfold in a deliberate pace to give an otherwise brash film a surprising amount of heart. It’s just a shame the main trio is held back by the film’s need to try and flesh out other characters.

But that doesn’t mean all of the other characters were poorly realized. Big Robot and Crybaby Robot (seriously, you won’t remember them by name) are naturally introduced as JP and his epic pompadour go around scouting out the competition. The other characters, not so much. They’re introduced in a brief way that makes sense, but at the same time it’s easy to spot that their only purpose will be an excuse to create explosions at the Redline race. If the film didn’t waste time to pretend it cares about its other characters, then that time could be used on the main trio to make them something more than solid.

Of course, watching this film for the deeper meaning of what it means to win or for a character study on JP would be missing the point. The reason to watch Redline is for its final act, where studio Madhouse delivers on the film’s tagline to ‘WITNESS THE FUTURE OF ANIMATION.’ Instead of seeing the visuals take shortcuts to give the illusion of speed, speed is seen as racers take shortcuts within the visuals. Every vibration from their engines shifts each vehicle ever so slightly as even their hair sways with each skid and drift. It’s smaller details on top of fast-swerving objects against gorgeous backdrops.

Part of what makes the backdrops—and characters—gorgeous is the artstyle of saturated contrast. Colors that are normally dull manage to shine, colors that normally shine are brilliant, and shadows don’t give colors varying shades, but are pure black and used to highlight details for stylistic effect. It’s an artstyle of extremes that creates subtlety to be appreciated during the slower moments of the film. And even when the film gains speed, the visuals never lose their radiance and detail.

Unfortunately, the soundtrack is underwhelming—not bad—by comparison. The number of distinct pieces can be counted on one hand. They’re fun while they play during parts of each race, but the limited number of tracks makes the action slightly boring to hear (but it’s always fun to watch). I say slightly boring because character dialog thankfully picks up the musical slack, as the refreshing trash talk between contestants breaks the monotony of engines roaring. The non-action parts of the film especially rely on dialog to keeps things interesting, and for the most part it succeeds.

But it’s that non-action part of the film that I need to bring special attention to. Understandably, a film focused on spectacle still needs compelling enough characters to make the action worth caring about. And they ARE solid characters. At the same time, ‘solid’ might not be enough to hold everyone’s interest for most of the film, especially when it’s the animation—the action-packed animation—that’s the main draw of the film. For a story with characters who make split-second decisions, viewers will ironically need a small measure of patience.

Still, these faults aren’t enough to make Redline a bad or even average film. It’s uneventful moments are still energetic, the setting pulls off a casual disregard of consistency for coolness, and the character interaction believably builds backstory. Overall, no part of the film is ‘bad’ because even its weakest parts are still ‘good.’ With just enough human drama to accelerate the spectacle of racecars with rocket launchers, Redline will leave you at the edge of your driver’s seat.

7/10 story
10/10 animation
7/10 sound
7/10 characters
7/10 overall
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Mar 3, 2012

Story- Okay so Redline doesn't have the best story ever, but some of the sub-plots are somewhat interesting, but unfortunanatly are kind of underdeveloped. Like who was the dude with the pink car pimping two girls at once? We can only assume a role-model for JP and the whole thing with Funky boy and the Robo world government... Yeah this anime didn't really need such a convoluted plot a nice simple race would have been fine, but I don't think it really takes anything away from the show. Maybe setting it up for more movies/OVAs in the future for explanation =/ unlikely but possible

Animation- This is where Redline shines. This anime has the best animation I have ever seen in an anime movie hands down. I would expect nothing less of 7 years of handrawn animation. The fluidity of the animation and the complexity of the character designs are captivating and the dark shadows add a nice comic book feel to it. You must see this in Bluray if you have the chance.

Sound- Great Techno and pop soundtrack that gets the blood pumping, during those exhilarating race scenes. Could have benefited a bit from some more variety (maybe some jazz or rock?) but it might not have fit in quite as well as the techno or pop did. Most of the characters even have their own theme music, which is awesome. Oh and don't forget the main theme which is kinda sappy as hell but I still love it. Its a Redline day lol!

Characters- Lots of crazy characters with exiting personalities, JP is deffinetly a likable main character and Sanoshee is a great love interest, my favourite character has to be Machine Head though, I also think his theme is awesome.

Overall- One of the most entertaining experiences of anime that I've ever seen with none of the stereotypes that plague modern day anime (thank god for no school girls with whiny voices and character designs that resemble blobs... well except that one alien dude lol). Watch this in the best quality you can, you won't regret it.

6/10 story
10/10 animation
9/10 sound
7/10 characters
10/10 overall
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Nov 13, 2013


The consensus amoungst many is that this anime is simply worth watching for the animation, and the story is forgetable.

When rating or reviewing the storyline of any form of media, it's only fair and accurate to take into account certain other production factors, which severly effected the storytelling potential of the work in question. In this case, many of the ideas were impressive, unique and brimming with potential, but 101 minutes was simply not enough time for them to flourish. Compromising on two of the best racing scenes in the history of animation, would have allowed the 101 minutes of movie time to focus more on bulking the story out, and explaining certain details, however this compromise would have been a great shame. To have equal visuals, exciting action scenes and complex character and plot development, the running time would have to be about twice as long, and this film would have taken 14 years to produce instead of 7.

What I mainly intend to get accros though, is most easy to comprehend with a small change of perspective. The story came first, the visuals second. First and foremost, It is the ambition behind the action scenes, environments and character designs to praise, as well as the execution.


7 years of production for something which lasts only 101 minutes?

The effect is blocky with very vibrant, highly saturated colours. Furthermore there are certain things that  appear simpler than in average animes, like some of the backgrounds, and ground textures for example.

The result however is amazing.

Many animes give me the illusion of 2d stensils moving around against a background, which for all intents and purposes look like photographs put through cartoony filters on photoshop. I often don't really feel like the characters are actually 'there'. The simplicity of the backgrounds, and intricacy of the lighting never gave me this impression. The characters shift in and out of perspective all the time, which to me is very important. I feel like most modern animes might aswell be 3d modeled, as they don't often deliver the sense of exaggeration that makes anime unique. The dispirity between the environments and characters and further detract from the feel of life and dynamism i long for in anime.

The overall artstyle along with the incredible racing scenes, make something that is really a must see for anyone enthusisat of animation as a medium.


The techno soundtrack adds to the action perfectly without becoming intrusive or distracting. The voice acting in the dub is pretty good, although some of the voices are a little flat at certain bits. Some of the music, especially the music associated with the romantic moments in the film, are pretty poor.

7/10 story
10/10 animation
8/10 sound
8/10 characters
9.5/10 overall
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Oct 31, 2012


Straight from my blog!!

***This is a spoiler free review. Even if you are somehowed spoiled by this review, the plot is almost non-existent***

After sitting through Redline, a Madhouse animated movie, I am having quite a hard time trying to fathom what I just watched. Starting from the first scene where the clumsy old dad is trying to set up his camera to take a picture of the racers, I was instantly glued to the screen. The mouthwatering visuals and chilling sound effects are more than enough to please an average Joe’s thirst of racing but what about all that other mombo jumbo that people plea for? What’s it called…oh yeah story and character development?

Story: 5.4/10

The basic premise is that “Redline” is a race where only the best racers can complete in. Our main man JP goes through a lot of trouble to get to this race and with a little help from fellow racer Sonoshee, they might just win the entire thing. While everything about this movie screams production value, one thing that was overlooked (and maybe for good reason) was the plot. While it isn’t the best thought provoking material I have ever experienced, the movie does keep you invested throughout its entire one hundred and one minutes. The hidden beauty of this is while the plot is dubbed down to the generic first race--->break--->last race formula, they give us just barely enough to hold onto. I would of liked a better character development (it’s there but it is thrown together very half hazardly) but it worked well enough.  What really drags the score down is the ending…it just seems like it suddenly stops. We have the super buildup to the final stretch and then…it ends. Plus they had the audacity to have the most unneeded confessing of feelings at the last frame. It was just…somewhat of a letdown because I thought we were out of old anime’s bad habits.

Animation: 10/10

Here we go again…throwing out a perfect score is something I find very hard to do but boy I do not think I will ever see something this unique and beautiful in my life ever again. After doing a little bit of research, I found that it took around seven years to complete this movie (talk about a HUGE gamble). Everything is HAND DRAWN. Madhouse really created a visual masterpiece that will last into the endless future. Every scene flows very well into each other, the facial expressions are very believable, the lighting is so spot on, and the character models are so detailed. This movie sports the best lighting I have ever seen; when it’s out on the desert, the sun reflects off of everything. Inside the nightclub the fish tanks in the background glow and shine onto the adjacent tables. It’s just…so hard to put it into words how amazing the movie looks. Even if you are turning this away due to the lack of plot please just watch it for the visuals and sounds. Treat it like a Transformers movie; its complete s#!t but it’s amazing looking s#!t. 

Sound: 10/10

Again with the perfect score…Every car has their own unique and amazing sounds that stick within the entire show. From the crowd cheers to the main character’s voices, this anime just sounds orgasmic. Even the techno (correct me if that is the wrong way to express it) soundtrack is spot on and off the track.

Characters: 6.5 8.5/10

While the characters of this anime are forgettable and uninspiring, JP does stick out a little bit. At first I thought he was just a junky gear head but after a while he did start to grow on me. Heck even Sonoshee made me gleam a little bit towards the end. Just know that the other characters will most likely not bring a lasting impression; they show up, race, and then leave stage left.

I was an idiot. While the caracters are not really fleshed out in this film they do leave such a lasting impression (just finished another watchthrough and I absolutly have the largest grin on my face). With their over-the-top personalities and wacky character interactions it is hard to not like all of them. 

Overall: 8 8.5/10

The score says 8 but in my mind it is a gear head’s bread and butter. If you want to turn your brain off and enjoy the best looking, sounding, and feeling anime to come out in years then this is your calling. I hope more animation studios take their chances on projects like this in the future.

***When JP triggers the nitro get ready to s#!t bricks***


Enjoyment: ∞/10


Thanks for reading my review! If you liked my writing style, would like to see some other reviews, or just want to talk, please stop by my page!

Awesome Drummer

5.4/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
8.5/10 characters
8.5/10 overall
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Dec 25, 2011

Redline!!!! possibly the anime movie of the year, and definately quite deserving of the name, although dont let the 2010 release date fool you, i belive this was actually started in 2006 or 2007 and has only just been finished, and for australia, was only just relaesed on dvd early december 2011

anyway as for the story, i had read and heard a lot of hype and praise for redline before i watched it, mostly for its animation and story - which i admit i wasnt all too excited about after hearing it was about racing,(not really my favourite genre, but that may be because ive played far too many bad car racing games) but after all the hype i really wanted to watch it, and when i did, was i ever proven wrong :D

the race is basically what the story is, a fast race of a movie, action and drama packed and holds your attention completely from start to finish, with the exception of one of the race scenes, but that was the only moment my eyes werent glued to the tv screen :)

starting off we have sweet jp, described by many as "a chain smoking badass" and in the dubbed version which i watched, his nickname of "sweet jp" is never really explained, but then in the subbed making of on the dvd, it expalins he got the nickname for his refusal to use weapons, despite everyone else doing so.

then he has his crew of his childhood friend/ mechanic also half double crossing him by screwing up his races with te mafia - i say half, because  jp knows, and he ageed once, but when he's racing doesnt seem to know his car is rigged with explosive. they team up with the badass/funny/ "old man" mechanic/parts dealer -who has an awesome badass part later on in the movie :D                                                            

and then the last main charachter is sonoshee, also the lead female role, she plays a big part in the movie, as she develops a relationship with jp....

but thats it for the Main charachters, but even for charachters this movie still rules, every charachter has a distinct personality, and there are so many! :D one of my favourites (although not shown much) would have to be the corrupt cop, especially the part where he throws around the news reporters!!! lol!!!!

as animation goes,i'm no animation critic, in fact i usually dont even notice the difference between high quality and low quality video, but i must say the animation in this is really good, you can really see the contrast and stylisation, and i really like how they use the colour black for some of the shadows/effects instead of shades of grey, all in all it really is a great and unique animatoin style

and lastly sound - the area where i dont always have too much to say about, in the making of redline they talked aout how they put a lot of effort and detail into the sound, but i didnt really realise/notice the differnece compared to other anime, i just remember them talking about how they even had the sound of the leather, which i guess was pretty cool, but my focus was on the soundtrack/songs which were awesome!! even though there was no song/theme that i really liked except for redline day, they all definately fit the theme and situation of the movie and what was going on in that time.

so overall 10/10, its a great anime movie and one of those that needs you to watch it a 2nd time to soak it all in - its action packed, its fast its furious, its badass and its awesome!!!!!!!!!

so anyway i guess thats it for this review :) enjoy the movie! :D

10/10 story
10/10 animation
9/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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Sep 14, 2013

Critic’s Log - Earthdate: September 14, 2013. Review #58: Redline

Racing, it sure is a popular sport. There’s Nascar, Drag Racing, and whatever form of racing you can think of. There’s even video games of Racing like Mario Kart, Gran Turismo, Need For Speed, and other racing games. There are also Racing Anime such as Speed Racer, Initial D, Oban Star Racers, and other Racing Animes. There’s also the Fast and Furious series. There is an Anime movie that is set in the future, plus the elements similar to Speed Racer, Initial D, and Mario Kart. The end result is REDLINE.




In every 5 years, there is a race called "Redline". This event is held at a surprise location revealed shortly before the race begins. This time around it's being held on Roboworld, but much to the dismay of Roboworld's militant government which has no intention of allowing the race to proceed. The race has no rules—whoever crosses the Redline first, wins. Sweet JP is a rare kind of racer who prefers an old-school style and raw power over high tech gadgets and weapon inventory. Troubled by their involvement with the mob, Sweet JP and his team just want a clean shot at winning the race. Sonoshee McLaren is a skilled and highly competitive rising star in the racing circuit. She beats JP in the last qualifier and caught his eye. Up against lethal hostility from Roboworld's government and their fellow racers, JP and Sonoshee are pushed to their limits in the race for the Redline.

All I can say now is that I am perfectly okay if you don’t give a damn about the sypnosis I just gave you because if you go through 10 minutes in this movie, this film will probably will hook you in.

To be technical, this is a Madhouse production. Remember that name people. Madhouse has gotten recognition for years of high quality productions and I bet you 100% that Redline does not disappoint there. It took 7 years for Redline to be made and it undoubtedly shows in this movie. Lately, computer graphics is common in anime today. Not too bad when used right. There are some animes that use computer graphics cheaply and it does not look good in the end result. I do miss the hand-drawn cel style that Anime used to have often years ago. Here’s a fact. Redline was completely hand-drawn from the first animation cel to the last. Lately anime is using computer graphics for their animation, Redline was a rare treat. It may look like it was done by computer, but it really is hand-drawn. This movie can be a little deceiving when it comes to animation, but it payed off well. The animation is the movie’s strongest suit and undoubtedly the movie’s selling point.

The music is by James Shimoji who debuts in this movie when it comes to music composition. For starters, he really had a fitting soundtrack that is probably just as fine without the show. It has techno as the main genre. Techno music fan or not, it is a fitting soundtrack to the movie because of its futuristic settings. The soundtracks for The Fast and Furious movies had electronic and hip hop, because it had a modern setting. Electronic music and/or Techno music can be just as effective in a modern setting of a fictional racing story. The music is pretty nice and compliments the movie greatly.

The animation and music go well together. But the characters is sort of one of the problems with Redline. Sweet JP is pretty cool and that’s pretty much it. Sonoshee is smoking hot and gorgeous (even though she’s animated), and she’s pretty much just there, but she does compliment JP in terms of character personalities. There are characters like Frisbee and Old Man Mole who are nice characters in this movie. Then of course we got the racers, The President (of Roboworld) and Volton, what am I kidding? Why the fuck would you care if the movie looks fucking awesome that it’s at an orgasmic level of animation.

I have noticed that the movie mostly sacrifices substance for the extreme style that was put into the 7 years of producing this movie. The characters is not the biggest problem with the movie, it is the overall story of Redline. I will say that the amazing animation distracted me alot while watching this movie. I think most people are paying attention to the visuals rather than the story. From the get-go, I knew this movie wasn’t going to turn into a Masterpiece. And you know what? It didn’t need to be. Sure, the story is very weak and I could barely remember most of the shit that happened in this movie. The reason is because the movie is filled with crazy, bat shit insane moments that often happen in certain scenes in the movie, and it distracts the plot at times. The plot is also very, very, very, VERY STUPID. But here’s the catch… IT ALL FITS IN THE MOVIE. The animation is amazing, but even with a stupid plot. The characters are over-the-top, and even hilarious. This movie is actually pretty funny at times too. How can some guy that looks all tough and cry like a pussy not be a good source for humor. Not only the characters are over-the-top, but so is the animation. The amount of effort put in the animation is just Fast and Furiously…FUCKING INSANE. Redline is (like the lady said in the Title screen) “Directed by Takeshi Koike”. Koike-san’s debut film and he does not disappoint in this film and It seems he wanted to make this an adrenaline-pumped animated film. Redline lives up to that. This is also the kind of movie that would just shout out FUCK LOGIC. This is definitely a movie you don’t have to put a lot of thinking to while watching it. Redline is a spectacle and we probably won’t get to see something this hardcore for a long while. Keep your fingers crossed for another spectacle of an anime. This movie is simply made to entertain and it is entertaining as hell, and Redline gets the checkered flag at the finish line for doing just that.

Redline is available by Anchor Bay Entertainment. An OVA series called “Trava” which was made back in 2003 and related to this movie was never released stateside.

With all that said, Redline is an adrenaline-pumped anime film that is extremely entertaining. it has a fitting soundtrack that compliments the movie as well. It does suffer with lack of character development and a plot that is forgettable, but those factors deserve a pass because of the entertainment value this movie has and because of the incredible animation that took 7 years in the making.

I give Redline a 7.8 out of 10. It is GOOD!

Feel free to leave a comment, and get your motor running. Or just do whatever you like

4.5/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
5.5/10 characters
7.8/10 overall
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Aug 26, 2011

(Minor spoilers. If you're reading this to decide whether to watch the movie or not - go watch it. Nao. What's the worst that can happen? That you don't like it? And the best? That you have an amazing time :D. Let's face it, it's not like you had something productive to do anyways.)

Redline is a fantastic anime movie that everyone will have a good time watching.

Let us start by discussing the plot. Redline is a movie about a man who loves racing, and has always wanted to participate in Redline, the most popular race of the universe. The plot is far from original. The whole storyline is predictable. This will make any viewer who wished to be treated with a complex, thought-provoking storyline end disappointed, as Redline doesn't promise you anything. It doesn't aim to have an intricate plot, and it certainly doesn't need one.

Moving on to the characters, there are several ones, most of which you won't care about, and go completely underdeveloped throughout the movie. Redline might have many characters, but they do not interact between them in surprising ways. Still, I wouldn't go as far as to call all the characters frequent stereotypes. I'm not an authority on anime/real life racing movies, so I'm not sure if these characters are common or not - but for the normal anime viewer, the one that rarely sees races in animes - the characters will be just fine.

So, everything sounds so boring until now, doesn't it? Why does this anime deserve your time?

It's because Redline promises you 100 straight minutes of awesomeness. Redline's ultimate objective is to entertain you. It's common senses - entertainment should be enjoyable, and yet we often see series or movies that fall flat. Redline aims high, and it succeedes.

The storyline, as I said, is very basic. And that's all it needs to be - there's no need for more. You wouldn't want more. The characters do not develope, but they don't need to. They are very fun to watch just like they are.  Every single character adds something to the movie - be it a secondary or main character. They have their motives, they have their personality and several minor characters - like the "King of Redline" - the winner of all recent Redline races, often steal entire scenes when they're on screen. Each character, from our main lead to those who appear briefly, are not much by themselves. But their combination, provide the movie with an amazing, full of life and dynamic setting that viewers will be pleased to see.

Finally, there's the need to talk about Redline's key factor for its success: If you were to describe this movie to somebody, describing all the plot from the start to its ending, it wouldn't be much. But what Redline does, it does so in style. I'm willing to compare this movie to Gurren Lagann.

It's visuals are mind-blowing. The action is non-stop. The soundtrack is amazing. This is about characters trying to fulfill their dreams, about a race that gives the middle finger to a nation's sovereignty, saying screw you, trying to win no matter what. And it's very, very cool while showing all that.

Redline is an epic movie. It's a feast for your eyes, and a very good way to spend your next 100 minutes. Go download it, it'll be worth it.

4/10 story
10/10 animation
9/10 sound
7/10 characters
9/10 overall
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Jul 13, 2018

Sometimes, you just want to watch some turn-off your brain fun. When plot isn't the main focus and it's just there to be the driving force for all of the cool action set pieces. And there isn't wrong with that provided that there is some actual talent behind the project. Redline is a good example of people with talent actually knowing how to put together a project.

Released in 2009 at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival before being theatrically released in 2010, Redline has quite the history, taking several years to develop. A short 4 episode OVA was released way back in 2003 and was supposed to be released alongside Redline to promote is, but things clearly didn't go as planned. But in the end, Redline eventually got released, and the end product ends up reflecting the effort and time put into it. Redline is Takeshi Koike's directorial debut and was produced by Madhouse.

The story centers around a race that is held every five years called Redline, and it's one of the universes most highly anticipated competitions. Despite all of the advanced technology, Redline us a land race, showing that even in the future, there is still a fanbase for old styles of racing. The only rule of this race is that you have to cross the finish line. Where the race is held is announced right before the race starts, and the latest race is being held on the planet Roboworld, home to trigger happy military who is insulted that the race is being held on their planet.

The focus of the film follows "Sweet" JP, and young and reckless driver, who looks like he could get on your nerves if it wasn't for the fact that the writers knew not to make him obnoxious and overly-in-your-face. JP drives in the universes most dangerous races for the fun of it. His partner, Joshua "Frisbiee" Flathead, joins him as his mechanic and business partner. There is also his potential love interest and fellow racer Sonoshe "Cherry Boy" McLaren. There are several other racers and they're all fantastically designed, with each having a unique design that stands out, including a giant robot that looks like he could tear you in half without effort and two racers from a planet that is 100% women with magical powers.

Redline's plot and all of it's characters are set up fairly quickly, but are done well enough that you know which characters and which just by looking at them. It does does have it's slower moments meant to have some breather moments between the action scenes, giving the characters some time to properly introduce themselves, the movie never really puts its focus on them, going for keeping up going for a good pace instead of character development.

On a technical level, Redline's animation and art is top notch and those several years of development are really shown off in this department, with every frame being hand-drawn instead of lazily re-using animation to cut corners, meaning that the animation is smooth and wonderful to look at, whether it be one of the slower paced scenes or if it's going 300 miles an hour. Like i mention earlier, the art style also stands out. Each character looks unique and you will never get them confused. Even staring into the scenes of the audience watching the high speed races, you will find unique and memorable character designs.

The movie also comes with a fantastic 42-track OST done by James Shimoji, and I'm pretty sure that most of the music never made it into the film. Which is a shame, because all of it's really good and worth listening to. I even have it on my phone to listen to when i go out to exercise. The English dub for it is also solid, so for fans of English dubs it's worth checking out.

Redline is definitely a fun time and a solid movie. With it's animation and sound, it's definitely worth finding a Blu-Ray copy just to experience it in the highest quality possible. Recommended.

8/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
7/10 characters
8.2/10 overall
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Aug 19, 2019

While the plot may seem simple, the animation is absolutely breathtaking, and it's without a doubt the main aspect that drives this movie and why everyone should watch it. Even the soundtrack is amazing, making your heart race along the vehicles during races, while being pleasantly mellow off tracks. There are many characters who don't have much space for development, but everyone has a unique design and personality, so you can easily tell them apart. The main couple has chemistry and it's easy to root for them, as well. Overall, this film is a very fun and enjoyable experience, so long as you aren't nitpicky about the story.

6.5/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
8/10 characters
8.5/10 overall
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May 18, 2019

The concept for Redline is actually not bad in my opinion. An intergalactic racing circuit who's biggest race  (known as the redline) is a no rules, mad max style free for all between 8 racers. This particular edition of redline is held on a planet called robot world where the leader of the planet is disgruntled over the fact that the race is being held on his planet. As a result, the racers are not only competing against each other, but also fighting for their lives against the planets military.

 And then that's about it. Cool concept. Weak execution. And honestly, I dont think the creators intended anything else. The plot is contrived, it's got a super corny love story, but the story isnt really meant to be the reason for watching. 

 The major redeeming quality for this show is definately the animation. Some of the best I've seen. Character design is cool, backgrounds and settings are really nice, well animated action scenes. Just incredible. 

 If your into racing anime, or super action packed stuff, this is probably worth a watch. If you care about a deep, well told story. Stay away. 

6.5/10 story
10/10 animation
6/10 sound
6.5/10 characters
7.2/10 overall
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Aug 20, 2011

Redline is excellent proof that you can have too much of a good thing. Especially when you
neglect everything else in the process.

The first 10 minutes do an excellent job of letting viewers know what’s in store for
them. It’s here that the film treats us to an intense and gorgeously animated
race sequence and equally beautiful backgrounds and character models. From
there on out it’s clear that the films intent is to overwhelm the viewer with
adrenaline-filled races brought to life with mouth-watering animation and
sound. Storyline and character development are of the lowest priority.

It’s no surprise, then, that Redline sticks closely to the usual 3 act structure. We’re
first given a taste of things to come while the personalities and motivations
of the major players are established, topped off with introducing the long term
goal. The second act is all about the preparation with some rudimentary
attempts at character development while act 3 is the main attraction: a
40-minute onslaught of non-stop racing packed with over-the-top, high speed
moments and more explosions than 3 Michael Bay films put together.

Sounds good on paper. But Redline goes so overboard with its spectacle that it somehow
becomes a bit dull. It’s simply too much.

First off, there are too many characters. The main characters are pretty forgettable and
the only contestant who was somewhat cool was the established champion. The
film further hurts itself by introducing subplots and characters who aren’t
related to the race. A sizable chunk of screentime is reserved for a b-story
involving an evil government (basically space-China) that’s out to stop the
race and dig up some ancient weapons or something. Ultimately they’re only
there to cause tons of explosions and other kinds of destruction. This in a
film that’s already filled to the brim with explosions and spectacular set

This is Redline’s second excess. There is simply too much going on in the third act. A
big race alone would have made for a wonderfully thrilling climax but Redline
throws in an obligatory mafia subplot as well as the aforementioned evil
government. What it all leads to? Stuff getting blown up and more stuff getting
blown up.

This wouldn’t have been so bad if there was a reason to care or even some sense of
urgency but there isn’t.  All the cars
race at impossible speeds and run just fine even after taking enough damage to
wreck 10 spaceships. The result is that tension is basically nonexistent in
this film. Nobody of note dies and damage to the vehicle is shrugged off so
easily that one gets the feeling the only thing at stake is the film’s running

It’s a real pity seeing as the film is brilliantly animated and incredibly stylish. The
film had a production history of 7 long years and you can tell when watching it
that all that time was well spent in honing the stunning visuals to perfection.
It’s no exaggeration that this is a new benchmark in terms of pure animation. The
film’s many characters have detailed, instantly distinguishable models and are
fluidly animated, machines roar and rush over surfaces with incredible speed
and there’s even the occasional use of deformed animation for stylish effect
that’s very effective. The visuals in Redline are a labor of love and the best
part is that it overwhelms the senses in a way that seems difficult (perhaps
impossible) to replicate in another medium.

In the end, that makes it all the more tragic that these gorgeous visuals aren’t telling a
story worth caring about. Worse yet, its main hook (the visuals) simply can’t
be used to carry a 100-minute feature film. Some serious editing could have
reduced it to have its length and it would’ve made for a better-flowing and
much more enjoyable viewing experience.

As it is, Redline is a stunningly animated but overlong film with such incompetent
storytelling that it cannot reach its full potential. One can only hope that
first-time director Takashi Koike’s next project will be a lot more polished.
As it is, the talent is there. It simply needs to be honed and guided properly.


3/10 story
10/10 animation
8/10 sound
4/10 characters
6/10 overall
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Jun 25, 2015

Not great, but not the worst. It's an animated Fast and Furious. And that series is terrible except the first film. So this movie pretty much missed the mark for me on all points. If you find nothing interesting about cars, this will bore the crap out of you. I watched this to see if it was "kid friendly". It has ONE nudity scene that I can remember and average swearing. So, it's safe for all ages. Though I doubt  our son will be entertained much.

3/10 story
5/10 animation
5/10 sound
2/10 characters
3/10 overall
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Oct 14, 2012

Overall, Redline is an ejoyable anime and I would recomend it to anyone who enjoys action movies (espeically anime).

Redline's strong point is definetly the animation and racing sequences, which will have you on the edge of your seat. Sometimes sound effects can be a deal breaker, like when guns sound more like bb guns, but this was not the case. The sound effects compliment the animation very well and I was very impressed overall.

The plot is straight forward, a race car driver named Sweet JP is out to win Redline, the most dangerous and highly regarded race in the galaxy. In all honesty, the plot is nothing special but then again it's not the reason to watch Redline.

There was very little character development (but there was some) and you only really get to know Sweet JP a little bit better. You briefly learn about Sonoshee but only through one of Sweet JP's flashbacks. Despite the lack of character development, I really did like the main characters as well as the side characters.

My main criticism of Redline is that it is too short. There wasn't enough time for Sweet JP and Sonoshee (a girl JP falls for) to develop their relationship and as a result their relationship felt rushed. Had there been another half hour or more to develop Sweet JP and Sonoshee, this could have been a truly amazing movie.

In the end, if you enjoy action and great animation and are willing to look past the lack of character development and plot then you will thoroughly enjoy Redline.

6/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
7/10 characters
8.5/10 overall
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Feb 7, 2014

If you want a quick, uncomplicated story to entertain you, well just hop on the Redline to get you there.

Story - 6/10

Redline is the story about the famed Redline race, held once every few years and open to only the greatest of racers. One of those racers is JP, a man indebted to the mob, who throws races so they can win big. After a loss during the qualifying runs JP is voted into Redline as a fan favorite, which may seem great, but this year Redline takes place on a hostile planet and racing almost means certain death. So now winning, if he chooses to defy the mafia, will be the second hardest thing to do, just above surviving.

Sure it's been done before, but it still seems fresh, with the added simplistic love story and the cast of characters, it'll all fit together perfectly for the viewer.

Animation - 10/10

The character animation used in Redline is just stunning. They chose deep colors, pure black and gray shading, and simplistic detail on each character. The direction this show took actually comes off better than other series where they have a thousand wrinkles and frown lines thanks to the ease of CG.  By choosing to just use single colors they were able to make everything much brighter, even the dark colors, and the pop fits in with the futuristic worlds.

It would seem that instead of putting the detail into character faces they spent it on having a movie with what looks like 50,000 different characters. Each spectator in the crowd, citizen of the slum and member of the robot council looks completely distinct from the others, while still being able to look like a member of his/her species, and man are there many species running around this place, Dogpeople, Robots, Crustacean Creatures and literal SpiderMen galore.

There is also no detail lacking in the background art, each city must have had weeks of work put into them, as even the smallest venues such as a restaurant and a garage are done to perfection. The cars also are done in a similar way, with knobs, buttons and pedals all drawn with such care and with a unique look.

The last area, where I think they went with the "less is more" strategy, was the special effects drawings. From what i can tell they only went for the rotoscope look for the main monster, the power boost and the visors on the rebel workers. This lack of SFX made it so the areas it was used on looked amazing, as opposed to a series where it's overdone and just gets annoying.

Sound - 4/10

With the years and years put into the animation process for this film you'd think they could work on getting a decent sound designer in there. The sounds of the cars are good, but for a movie so focused on racing it should have been amazing, there are only a handful of scenes outside of racing scenes so it's not like they had tons of things to do in this department.

The soundtrack itself was also just ok, techno music with no lasting memory, in an area where many anime movies and shows give you those one or two brain worm songs, this movie had nothing.

Finally the english dub was well done, but with a few good voices here and there, and not much true acting needed on any character outside of JP, it again was a low point. Many of the big characters, like Frisbee and the members of the Robot hierarchy seemed phoned in, but on the other side the announcer Void Do was pretty entertaining.

Characters - 4/10

We've seen the characters in this movie a thousand times over in anime, movies and tv. The misunderstood bad boy, the girl trying to make it in a man's world, a two timing friend and a wise mentor. 

While the character's designs, and those of the background characters, are very cool and unique, the personalities and stories given to many of them are cliche. We get a bit of backstory for a few main characters and it's somewhat easy to piece the rest together, I just would have liked some twist or change of pace to what you could see coming from a mile away.

Overall - 7/10

Despite the few short comings I mentioned you really can't dislike this movie for what it is, entertainment. A great mix of Fast and Furious meets Death Race meets Cowboy Bebop meets a Stray Cats classic car meet up. It's a simplistic story that will have you glued to the TV for all hour and forty minutes, you'll want more but also be satisfied with what you were given.

6/10 story
10/10 animation
4/10 sound
4/10 characters
7/10 overall
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TheRealRisen's avatar
Feb 6, 2019

it was a fun movie to watch all the way through and made me cry at the end, it was beautiful.

8/10 story
6/10 animation
7/10 sound
9/10 characters
8/10 overall
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Aug 2, 2013

Redline is an anything-goes race and, by god, anything f*cking goes in this movie. There are aliens, wormholes, space cannons, magic, and absurd cars. Story? Redline has no time for stories. The characters' pasts are mentioned a bit, but I forgot once the bio-weapon activated and that other dude turned into a giant whale-looking monster. Did I mention the racing? There's a lot of racing.

This movie's got looks too. Everything is hand-drawn, and it shows. Colors are bold, contrast is high (intense blacks, reminiscent of noir films). It's very distinctive. You could show me any frame of this movie and I would immediately know where it's from. There's a load of stuff happening on the screen at any time, as well. Be prepared for some trippy visuals. Sounds are just as good. Great for surround sound, actually. English voice acting was good overall. The soundtrack is fitting, very fast paced electronic style.

Madhouse released Summer Wars around the same time, and Redline is very comparable. It's an exhilerating movie with a forgettable storyline, focused entirely on the sensory experience. But where Summer Wars used a carefully controlled and precise style, Redline lets all hell break loose from the get-go.

TL;DR Redline is like Speed Racer on crack.

4/10 story
10/10 animation
9/10 sound
5/10 characters
6.5/10 overall
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Feb 5, 2019

Ah, Redline, the industry’s loudest bomb. A bomb so explosive, so meticulously crafted and vibrant its aftershocks can still be felt today from all sides of the spectrum, from the painful lack of risks maligned in today’s time, to the cult following that spawned from the ashes. A decade later, and the film’s still one of the biggest spectacles in the business, so it may have just won in the end.

Before I gush about the obvious, how ‘bout we get the specs on the writing, or rather the mainframe holding this bad boy together. Protagonist JP is one of the freshest mother fuckers in the business, with enough style and charm to rival the likes of Char from Gundam and Lupin from the III. His crew’s pretty alright and Frisbee’s subplot ends in the coolest way you can think for that kind of rigged mafia sports story, but apart from JP and the galaxy he races in, the real stars are the competitors: the racers and the Fun Nazis that run Roboworld. Nothing’s deep about them other than the fun ways the film lets us in on their pasts, —Travistila and Dezuya’s rivalry following their fallout in their military days being the highlight in this regard— but the likes of Sonoshi and Metalhead are captivating love interests and rivals respectively, and Johnny, Lynchman, Shinkai, and Todoroki make for gloriously badass comedic relief. Seeing this absurd yet damn well-constructed galaxy thrash about as the Roboworld Fun Nazis fuck themselves and everything with them up is a sight to behold, even if that whole subplot does leave a few loose threads hanging.

The madness doesn’t stop there, as when you can see it, you can hear the adrenaline. Heart-pumping tunes such as “Yellow Line” and one of the many examples of leitmotif on display: “Redline” drill into your ears as your heart prepares to explode! Matching and even surpassing the ear-candy tunes by James Shimoji is the dub. Recognizable A-list VAs such as Michelle Ruff, Doug Erholtz, Keith Silverstein, James K. Price, and our main protagonist Patrick MoFUCKING Seitz give it their all to bring all the style to each bombastic character, in a damn valiant effort to match the flowing, flashing attitude of this stellar rush of awe. Not a single performance falls short --not even those of lesser-known VAs such as Joey Morris and Laura Post-- allowing this dub to go down as an underappreciated beast worthy of the godlike warhead of a film it’s attached to.

As this lavish atom bomb blew, onlookers were greeted to one of the most monumental spectacles in animation and film in general. Forget eye-candy, this is a king’s feast for the eyes! Through the fiery hells of a 7-year production line at Madhouse, animator superstars and madmen of the industry such as Hiroyuki Imaishi and Hiroshi Hamasaki, and madman director Takeshi Koike created an unstoppable juggernaut of some of the most fluid, bombastic, and detailed sakuga in the market. Every second of every race, every shoot-out, fight-scene, and scene in general is crafted to utter perfection, as to squeeze the life out of your red, blazing eyes as they somehow manage to perfectly parse all the earth-shattering action going on. The wonderfully vibrant colors, car designs, mech designs, and especially character designs Katsuhiko Ishii, and every aforementioned and unrecognized name crafted are as gorgeous, expressive, and or unique as it can possibly get in such a small yet galactic showcase. Each setting is as majestic and even destructible as the last too, and my god, even gushing can’t do it justice! JUST LOOK AT THIS SHIT! FUCKING LOOK AT IT AND TELL ME THIS ISN’T ONE OF THE BEST-PRODUCED THINGS IN THE HISTORY OF THE MEDIUM!!!

It left me feeling like a kid riding a roller-coaster and going down a waterslide while on a sugar rush. My holy-shit quotient broke by the middle of the final race, reducing me to a gibbering mess of hype trying to feast on the visual splendor at hand. The raw style and energy on display are borderline unmatched in this industry, as something like this has never been attempted since its painful crash in ‘09. Amidst the fires still stood a proud work of boisterous art, an exhilarating monument to the sheer passion plugged into this industry, and the sheer level of glory its patrons express! And some bastards say some risks never pay off! Fuck ’em, now what about you? Think you can handle a little test drive?

7.3/10 story
10/10 animation
8.6/10 sound
7.5/10 characters
8.5/10 overall
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chaoserver's avatar
Nov 9, 2017

Unless you are frothing at the mouth for a serious movie, Redline is just about the perfect anime movie. 

Let me emphasize that you do NOT need to like racing or have the remotest interest in cars for this to be an enjoyable watch. For awhile I avoided watching Redline because I wrongly thought that the racing was the core of it, as opposed to the over the top excelently animated spectacle.

And thats what youre signing up for with Redline- A fast paced, over the top, outright ridiculous story that comes out of the gate fast, gives you a moment to breathe, then doesnt stop until the movie ends.

Speaking of ending, Redline knows exactly how to end and wisely just ends the moment its story is concluded- Showing its impressive level of self awareness of what it is and what the viewer is there for.

I cant recommend this movie strongly enough to any anime fan, and I bet your foot will be tapping to the song even days after you watch it.

7/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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IamGOD99's avatar
Apr 15, 2019

After watching all the reviews and I gave it a try. Turns out, I have never enjoyed a car race anime for such a long time right after initial D. It was really worth to spend some of my time watching this movie.

The ANIMATION and SOUND are the elements for this movie to sparkle and became one of a masterpiece of MADHOUSE yet it was kinda underrated as not many people know about this great artwork.

The story plot was great in a sense as the duration is too short to explain the whole story. It will blow up everyone mind if they consider airing this in animation sequel instead of a one-shot movie filming to explain all the author great idea and the hard work of the developer team within 2 hours. Such a waste. 

Really feel the VROOOOOOM and the wind breaking sound like I am on the spot.

5/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
9/10 characters
10/10 overall
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quangvasot's avatar
Oct 6, 2014

Really great anime, mostly for it's drawing style. Fun to watch, the animation is really awesome too. It's out of the box, brings racing animation to a whole new level.
Characters is another part that makes this anime good. Well you might hate it if you're sticked around with "moe" style, but they're just so good, especially MC and his rivals. Even the background characters are made well if you see it through.
Not sure about the story though, it's kinda lack of something. It just my common sense, don't make it affect your affection to this anime. The ending is quite a sudden cliffhanger too, imo.
Give an overall 8.5. Don't know what to say much about this. It just basically so good. I had goose bumps watching the final drag xD Well, as I said, you might hate it if you're sticking around with "moe" art style, but give it a shot, will ya? 

7/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
8/10 characters
8.5/10 overall
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KarmaKhameleon's avatar
Oct 24, 2019

One minute in and I was already captivated. The art style is so cool and unique. Definitely different from any other anime I've seen. I enjoyed the overall theme too. Redline is the The Fast and the Furious of anime. So, if you are into that kind of thing, then you will definitely enjoy this movie. I watched the English dub version and I thought the voices were perfect for the characters. I especially loved JP's voice. Speaking of characters, I loved the character design. The hair and the clothes were awesome. Hard not to like JP...really cool guy who kind of reminded me of like a Mugen type character, but at the same time totally different and unique. The music wasnt too bad either. It definitely suited the overall feel of the anime. Totally enjoyed Redline and I would highly recommend it.

9.5/10 story
10/10 animation
9/10 sound
9.5/10 characters
9.5/10 overall
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JadedDragos's avatar
Oct 3, 2017

This thing was a fantastic beast to watch!! Animation was great! I have never watched a racing anime, movie or anything till now and this one is making me want to look for more. All the character were well done, you knew who they were and what they were about with out a lengthy backstory. The comedic parts that are put in here are hilarious, and through out the whole thing it was just weird to watch as well. I would recommend this to anyone to at least watch it once!

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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BigDumbOhFace's avatar
Sep 4, 2015

I first heard about this film while review videos to cure boredom.  Then one video was about Redline.  However, that just made me aware of the movie's existence.  Later, I received many recommendations for anime movies and Redline was one of the more numerous recommendations.  So, I just started watching it to finally see what it was all about


The whole concept of the show is, at it's bare bones, Mario Kart but in space and a million times more badass.  Basically it focuses on this grand space race with the hero, "Sweet" JP as one of the participants.  That's pretty much it.  Also, there's what I felt was a really forced romance that wasn't really fleshed out very well.  Actually, that's my main problem with the story.  It wasn't completely fleshed out.  The romance happens just because there just had to be one.  I don't mind there being romance but never appreciated forced ones.


This animation is by far one of my most favorites I've ever seen.  The movie puts majority of the effort into making it look as awesome as possible.  Mission Success!  The art style is so comic book and the use of color is fantastic.  The heavy amount of black in contrast to vibrant colors adds a whole lot of depth.  As for action scenes they were clean and crisp.  The execution of all the action was done extremely well.  It's a full on attack to your senses.  All pun intended, it goes pedal to the metal 1,000 mph and is balls-to the wall.  What else do you expect from MadHouse, which I believe animate the best action scenes.


The dialogue reminded me more of them having actual conversations.  Although there's the mandatory screaming in Japanese.  I actually liked that because they seemed to fit the characters then.  The music seems like it was for a video game.  It was all techno and electronic.  I usually don't listen to that stuff on my own time but it was nice here because it fit in so well with the video game like vibe the show gives off.


My main problem with this is that they were barely fleshed out.  No one's true motivations felt 100% clear to me besides a few minor characters.  The main cast just felt lacking in depth.  However, they were a fun group of people.  JP is your typical cool guy and it feels like he's not really trying and I like that.  It makes you want to BE like him.


Easily the greatest thing about this show is its stunning art style and very appealing animation.  I could just look at it all day and still love it.  However, it just lacked substance.  If they just gave more depth and give clearer motivations then I'd really love it.  They just glossed over some pasts that could've helped.  I mean the movie is 1hr 42min.  They definitely could've moved time for that.  Other than that, it was a really good movie to watch that's a feast for the eyes.

5/10 story
10/10 animation
9/10 sound
8/10 characters
8.5/10 overall
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