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why I dropped youby Stela

every anime I dropped, with episode count (sorry for the entries with no description, I've let the list slide but it's being updated)

😲 Biggest [Negative ➖] Surprise Anime Series 😲by HKBattosai

List is in alphabetical order. Based on anime I've actually watched. Created: Aug-04-2017, Updated: Aug-14-2018

Top 50 obscure shows (shorts not included)by Nicknames

This list is for those non-sequel shows that were marked as watched by 3000 people or less. I also excluded shows that aired recently and was watched by more than 2000 people since they will reach the "3000 watched" limit soon.

Anime You Should Watch!by hotspot

These are Anime that I think everyone should check out!

You should have been better!by chii

Shows that showed me great promise but failed for one reason or another. Most of these are rated 7/10. Memorable, enjoyable, likable shows but forgettable at the same time.