Red Ash -Gearworld-

Alt title: Red Ash -Magicicada-

Movie (1 ep x 23 min)
2.489 out of 5 from 60 votes
Rank #7,353
Red Ash -Gearworld-

In a futuristic world, the "Nanorace," people whose genes contain nanomachines that grant them special abilities, are controlled and suffer prejudice from the "Purerace" of normal human beings. Beck, a legendary hunter with the power of "Red Ash," aims to undergo the surgical procedure to become Purerace. Alongside the large yet timid mechanic Tyger, they use their parallel machine to fly to the old world, doing dangerous jobs. One day, they suddenly run into Call, a girl pursued by the duo of Safari and Stripe. Call, Beck, and Tyger together travel to the clockwork world. But Safari, Stripe, and their leader Deny, stubbornly pursue Call, and are finally in a position to make their attack on Beck and his friends.

Source: ANN

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Wyr3d Jan 21, 2019
Score 3/10

Save yourself the bother, and don't watch it.. Don't get me wrong, it' not a terrible "film" to watch. But it is short; and it does have that "this is probably an advert more than a story" feel to it; and it does have that annoying "story doest finish here, lol" thing to put up with. So, I di a little research, and it seems Red Ash is from some game called Red Ash: The... read more


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