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Alt title: Net-juu no Susume

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Dec 8, 2017

Spoiler free review. 

I am super glad that i watched this anime. This anime had the right amount of romcom.The characters bloomed beautifully and it was just heartwarming to watch it. This anime is unique since the characters age more than twenty (some even in their thirties), but aimed for the teenagers and it somehow worked. It was just so adorable to watch, you would go "awww" as if you saw a baby reaching its hands to you. But this anime, had a few problems. Many things were unanswered, roles of some characters were not known. This anime ended in way, as if it was a teaser for season 2. I am happy for the fact that they ended this in 10 episodes (I didn't want anything to mess up after what happened in the last episode <3 ), but honestly, i wanted more.

Story (9/10)
The story started off perfectly and grew in a perfect manner. No large steps, not tiny steps were taken. Some anime use misunderstandings, cliché love to progress the story, but this one used godly coincidences to get the story going.

Animation (7/10)
The animation was not commendable. It was a little shabby, but they used it to make the chibis more cute. The eyeless, blushing chibis were so cute and adorable (oh god, now i remember eyeless natsuki ;-; ). The animation was not that good, but I'm glad that it didn't interrupt my watch.

Sound (7.5/10)
The OP and ED were really great, catchy and unskippable. The BGMs were really well done, and it set off a nice mood for the anime. The voices well matched the characters, and my favourite one was Sakurai-san's.

Characters (8/10)
Like i said, this anime used godly coincidences to sew the characters together. You can see them coming. It was not that bad since they were atoned by the courageous actions of the characters to get together. The characters grew beautifully and will make you attach with them so much in such a little time. All the characters in the anime are more than 20 years old, and this fact makes the show really unique.

Overall (7.8)
I still remember how eager i was to watch this anime every Friday (the episodes were aired on fridays), and i would think about it in the school, and talk with my friend about it.
You might need a little patience to reach the romance part, but its worth it. If you are here to see some romcom and cute moments, you are more than welcome. But, if you are here to see why Morimori-chan ended up a neet, or the "recovery" of her, then you'll need to know that those are exactly the unanswered questions i was talking about.

9/10 story
7/10 animation
7.5/10 sound
8/10 characters
7.8/10 overall
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Dec 9, 2017

*Some Spoilers*

Where the hell's my Mountain Dew

"I met my girfriend online" Takes a MMO gamer spin. A harmless romantic comedy for people who like harmless romantic comedies, Netjuu no Susume is a pretty much solid example of this and is full of tropes that will have you smiling through a cringe. That's what it's supposed to do. The awkwardness is very much meant to be endearing, although there are some parts where it falls flat out awkward- which people would say makes it charming. I'm not accustomed to romantic comedies in general and it isn't my preferred genre, but I GUESS I could see why they say this. Basically, its awkward people doing awkward things awkwardly, and also there's video games.

It doesn't do anything new, so if you're looking for innovation or brave storytelling it's not here. This, as I said, is harmless, but nothing special. Sure, it connects this person in another world video game type of anime we've been seeing pop up over and over again with a typical SOL romance in a decent way, but they're not trying overly hard to draw you in with that premise. Video games are, in this anime, a plot tool used to construct the relationships between the characters. It's a nice gimmick, but obviously, the characters are the real point, so it's often brushed to the side starting from the middle, onward. It's used ok enough in the beginning.

Now obviously being a central theme the video game is important and so is the culture associated with it. Most of the anime's narrative is built around moments where it goes from the in-game personas of the characters doing something generically RPG and interacting, then switching out at the real humans behind the avatars while you watch their QUIRKY reactions. It's not terribly paced, either. It leads to most of the comedy.

Story - It's whatever. The linear nature of the story is built around the two main characters' relationship as it develops and as they discover each other. It's completely set up from episode one, of course, what will be happening as you figure out that these two people are playing opposite their genders on a video game. Obviously they're going to get together and realize WAIT YOU'RE A DUDE/GIRL?! ect. Until that happens is where it really counts, and there's just... a lot of sludge there. They overplay it. This didn't need to necesarily be as long as it was, even as short as it was. It isn't like every episode ended on a game-changing cliffhanger, and there were really only one or two big story moments to keep the interest afloat. The progression is linear and that's fine. I never expected much from this anime, so I wasn't disappointed with the story, but the other aspects are where the anime is the strongest.

Animation - Once again its absolutely nothing special, but for this anime it was very appropriate and everything it needed to be. I'm not familiar with the studio but they did a decent job.

Sound - Good for this anime. The SFX weren't ever super out of place and the opening combined that video gamer chiptune-y thing with a typical anime opening sound, which was nice. Voice acting was ok.

Characters - This is where the magic happens. Your romcom archetypes have been replaced with some pretty nicely designed characters, all of whom have their own kinds of quirks that you don't typically see in an anime like this. Moriko is a girl gamer, but a pretty realistic one that's nice to watch and only cringy in a good way. The premise made me worry she'd be self-insert, but she's actually very much her own character and the show's tone revolves around her emotions. It's fun to watch her make a decision and react to it, as you think "yup been there." Yuta is ok, definitely not 100% generic either, and just as awkward.

Once you get past those two there are the many side characters with a few quirky personalities that really spice it all up, but given the limited runtime, don't come into play too often- meaning they dont overstay their welcome. Then you have the "Characters" in the meat of the show, the MMO GAME THAT THE SHOW IS SUPPOSED TO BE ABOUT, and the way their behaviours to the people controlling them, it makes it entertaining to imagine and see what the real people are thinking while the video game avatars act.

Overall - So yeah it's decent. I never found myself extremely wrapped up in any of the events that were happening and it wasn't exactly easy to pay attention to all the time, but there were a few moments where I watched an interaction and felt something like "that was cute lol". I wouldn't reccomend it to anyone looking for something REALLY GOOD but if you just want to kill time on a fluff-fest with some cute stuff going on, this is for you.

4/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
8/10 characters
6.4/10 overall
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Nov 5, 2018

I must admit, this review will be slightly biased, because I am a 28 year old life-long anime fan, and I often feel isolated in my interest, as I predominantly only talk anime with friends significantly younger than I. As a result, I'd like to think that I connect a bit too much with a character who is older and in a rather shameful relationship with her passion, so I will try to abstain from being too melodramatic in my review and criticism.

Story: 9.

Inasmuch as I absolutely adored this series, I gave it a 9 for one very specific reason: as a 10 episode series, the tension the series builds ends significantly quicker than I might have liked. Do not misunderstand, I HATE when series milk tension and do so by utilizing lazy storytelling and plot holes. Net-Juu no Susume, admittedly, wonderfully sidesteps this issue by stopping the rising tension at a serviceable moment, I just simply wish we got a full 12 episodes, perhaps to better flesh out the characters I came to love.

Art: 9.

Stylistically, Net-Juu is pretty, but not gorgeous. Admittedly, I might be biased because this season, Ancient Magus Bride came out and since then I struggle to view art elsewhere as perfect, but Net-Juu still does a great job. Morimori is a wonderful character, but where the show excels, in my opinion, is the way it can cohesively break between portraying slapstick anime-esque comedy bits alongside legitimate moments in which her social anxiety creeps up around her. The art style comically shows her anxiety as darkness swirls around her, etc, but the mannerisms she portrays when talking to people, when she is starting to fall into self-loathing are visible and masterful. While the artwork might not be flashy, I think there is something to be said about the masterful use of refrain and balance in the art direction.

Sound: 7.

As usual for my reviews, I do not stress too much on this area as it is not within my general knowledge. I can say that I loved the voice acting, and the music helped scenes move along, but never to the point of drawing my attention to their brilliance. I did not care for the opening or closing music, and so I just give it a solid 7.

Character: 10.

As my review has suggested thus far, character is where this series excels. It shouldn’t surprise you as a reader to assume that in a well-received slice-of-life anime, the characters are what truly keep everything afloat, but this takes it one step further. Many SoL anime I’ve watched revolve around Japanese high schoolers, and for many of us (from English-speaking countries or backgrounds, as I imagine you to possibly be, dear reader) this is only escapism, there is no real connection as we don’t necessarily understand Japanese school systems or share those experiences. However, a series about becoming cripplingly bogged down by the pressures of life and escaping to things like video games (or anime) might be something a little more universally understood by watchers. Perhaps embarrassing to admit, but I certainly understand this predicament. I think this connection makes Morimori’s character arc personal to an audience, and as we watch and hope that her life situation turns around, we’re enthralled by her humanity. There is also something to be said about the fact that unlike the NEET stereotype seen in other anime, Morimori chooses this life after having been in the “real world,” and does not bog down her family or friends with her irresponsible behavior, as wonderfully portrayed in “Welcome to NHK”. She chooses this retreat from society because she is lonely, and the watcher does not want her to succeed so that she can make “something of herself,” but rather we want her to succeed solely because we love her. That is a beautiful creation as far as characters go.

Enjoyment: 10.

I’ll be straight with you, I neglected homework (ironically) and binged this in a single sitting. I felt awful having wasted so much time consistently, but this was the rare kind of anime that just speaks to me on a personal level and does not allow me to walk away. I might have felt awful about wasting the time, but on a much larger scale, I felt as though I too were undergoing a change of character as I watched the main character work through her troubles. Real life doesn’t work as smoothly as anime, of course, and I would not even begin to suggest that this anime has the power to immediately change a life, but I can at least suggest that watching this anime made me feel better about myself and my own personal sorrows, and that is something.

Overall: 9.

I think I’ve said everything I’ve wanted to say, in a meandering and melodramatic fashion. This show just stuck with me, and took two fantastic ideas (struggling with social anxiety and developing relationships with people) and perfectly bound them together. It was funny, it was touching, and it was thought-provoking. It had some small faults perhaps, some of which I don’t even really feel like listing down, but it was damn near perfect. I am very happy to suggest that this show is a solid 9, and only because I do not think there exists a perfect show. Watch it if you’ve ever struggled with shame for being a nerd (and also, knock that off because being a nerd is the best possible way to live your life :D)


1. Welcome to the N.H.K.: These two are entirely different shows, both in content and direction, but they both fundamentally pivot around the idea of adults who become shut-ins due to the stresses of life. Watch if you like the topic, do not watch expecting the same sort of feels.

2. Knight's & Magic: Again, entirely different tone, but both shows are about 30+ year old office workers who find joy by escaping the real world to a fantasy one. Of course, K&M sends him to a real world, and Recovery is only a video game, but this idea of learning how to happily socialize in an escapist scenario is present in both.

3. Gate: This anime has nothing to do with Recovery of an MMO Addict, but the main character is a 30 year old man who would much rather play his mobile game than chase a career honestly, even when he is sent into an honest-to-goodness fantasy realm. I honestly just recommend it because it is rare to see a 30+ year old character represented in an anime that isn't more serious.

9/10 story
9/10 animation
7/10 sound
10/10 characters
9/10 overall
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Dec 31, 2017

When this first aired in the fall, it wasn't really on my To-Watch list. Then I saw it and thought I'd check it out. It really had me in the first few minutes! While not the best show of the year, I can say I really enjoyed it

We have Morioka, who has just quit her job and has become a NEET. She loves to play MMOs and thus, that's what her life consists of. She ends up meeting many people online and they become (pretty much) a close knit family. Everything seems to be going rather well until she gets elbowed in the face by someone named Sakurai, who finds her cute and wants to take her out for dinner as an apology. And because Morioka is such an awkward butterfly, she ends up declining politely. That should have beent he end of it, right? Wrong

I guess the reason I most loved this show is because, as anime fans, we all have a Morioka in us. We all are passionate about something and (at least) I felt myself reflected in her. How she would flail around, would prioritize her obsessions over herself sometimes, and just her enthusiasm for gaming. We also got some really cute rom-com scenes, which made it a really feels good watch. But it wasn't all just fun and games. As this is about a recovery, we did touch upon some self-depreciating and self-esteem (self-worth) issues and while, by the end of it, the wrap up was semi-inconclusive, we did get a nice close with Morioka finally understanding something and taking steps to "get better"

Out of the whole bunch, Morioka was the character with the most development, as she is the main character but we've also seen a character like this. She is pretty much what we invision a NEET being - baggy clothes, sits in front of a screen all day, eats out, and no friends aside from online. Still, there was something very endearing about her character that made it hard to dislike her. Likewise, Sakurai was very akward, especially when trying to get to know Morioka better but I felt it was all very relatable and realistic for people like them

In terms of the wasn't amazing, but it was done really well and was consistent throughout the show. I especially loved all the stills and chibi versions of our characters. And like usual, I'm not a huge fan of openings or endings, but I feel like the opening for this series really screamed Recovery of an MMO Junkie. It was very catchy, video game like, and overall fun to listen to (though I did quit listening nearing the end because the suspense in each episode was killing me)

Would most definately recommend watching this show, especially if you're looking for something light hearted but also filled with many feels

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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Oct 31, 2019

I'll admit, I misread the tags and focused on the summary, but apparently the 'worlds changing' was not, in fact, a fantasy spin on video games becoming reality and it just meant some chick flick style romance.  Not my cuppa.  Really seriously not my thing.  I still liked it decently enough and will probably finish it later, but halfway through it, I realized- yeah.  This is not going the way I was expecting. 

Was expecting some sorta reverse-Overlord/SAO type of thing and forced-trans stuff from characters.  Not what I got.  But, it's still not a bad anime. 

7/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
7/10 characters
7/10 overall