Recently, My Sister is Unusual.

Alt title: Saikin, Imouto no Yousu ga Chotto Okashiinda ga.

TV (12 eps)
3.033 out of 5 from 4,940 votes
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Mitsuki and Yuuya have just become step-siblings, and are working to adjust to their new lives as a family living within the same house. While Mitsuki is cautious of this new relationship with her ‘older brother’, her inhibitions quickly take a turn for the perverted when she’s suddenly possessed by Hiyori, a ghost girl with amnesia. As if things couldn’t get any worse, Hiyori forcibly outfits her with a chastity belt that’s so restrictive it often causes the girl to pee herself - not to mention, in order for Hiyori to finally reach heaven, Mitsuki needs to experience a certain amount of sexual pleasure and energy… with her big brother! Now, between trying to not soil herself and trying to get used to Hiyori’s hands between her loins, Mitsuki will do her best to survive her new "family" life with, or without, her virginity intact.

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Okay I am going to make this review short (kind of). This anime sucked balls (litterally). I am not a fan of this type of genre (the forbidden love kind/incest). You are probably wondering to yourself; 'Then why did you even watch it to begin with?'. That is a good question. I was mainly interested in the chasity belt as it is a topic you rarely see or hear about in anime. Story: Focuses on 2 main characters (Mitsuki and Yuuya) that become step siblings after their parents get married. Mitsuki is cautious with this new relationship, one day on her way home, she encounters a ghost with amnesia named Hiyori. Hiyori forcefully places a chasity belt on Mitsuki, which can only be removed once the heart gauge on the belt is filled by experencing certain sexual pleasures and energy from her 'big brother' (Yuuya). Wesker: (Vomits in the corner, wipes his mouth, walks back to his PC and continues his review) Both main characters are not related. Yuuya tries to get close, but Mitsuki keeps her distance. One day, Mitsuki encounters a ghost (Hiyori), that does not say anything to her but posesses Mitsuki and makes her go into a "contract" which she does not agree to and is forced to do these sexual advances towards Yuuya in order to save her life and grant Hiyori's wish. All the while Mitsuki gets humiliated, due to constantly pissing her pants (1x attempting to pee in a flower vase) and having almost everyone she encounters see her chasity belt. To me, I picture it like this: Hiyori has a gun pointed at the back of Mitsuki's head and if she does not do exactly as Hiyori says, she will kill her. Hiyori demands for Mitsuki to have sexy time with Yuuya, while Hiyori watches and pleasures herself from it, then promises to spare her life and never come back after that. Afterwards, Mitsuki would possibly be feeling humliated and depressed which would later lead her to committing suicide. Animation: There were quiet a few times, where the animation was poorly done (ep. 8). Most of the good animation was in the OP. The ED on the other hand, was a disaster. Why the hell would you go for (Hiyori) in a mascot outfit instead of just having her look like a normal high schooler? Sound: I really didn't care for it. The OP was okay, but the ED was awful. Characters: The character development was bad. Yuuya is dumb as dog s#!t, sticks his nose where it doesn't belong and constantly invades Mitsuki's personal space. Hiyori is absolutely annoying, as she forces Mitsuki to do all of these sexual advances to Yuuya, when she clearly does not want to. Not to mention, she constantly forgets to mention things beforehand and only after something happens then she mentions it. Example: - If the heart gauge goes down to zero, not only will Hiyori die, but Mitsuki as well. - The chasity belt can only remain open for 3 minutes and won't reopen for 1 hour.  Miitsuki keeps her distance from Yuuya, but is forced to get close to him by Hiyori. The other characters were okay. Overall: Recently, My Little Sister Is Unusual not an anime I would recommend to anyone. The story is unique, but the way it was done was poorly setup.  The only thing that was enjoyable was after the END credits of episode 6, they did a Metal Gear Solid parody/reference. Which was pure LOL.

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