Recently, My Sister is Unusual.

Alt title: Saikin, Imouto no Yousu ga Chotto Okashiinda ga.

TV (12 eps)
2.621 out of 5 from 4,535 votes
Rank #6,965

Mitsuki and Yuuya have just become step-siblings, and are working to adjust to their new lives as a family living within the same house. While Mitsuki is cautious of this new relationship with her ‘older brother’, her inhibitions quickly take a turn for the perverted when she’s suddenly possessed by Hiyori, a ghost girl with amnesia. As if things couldn’t get any worse, Hiyori forcibly outfits her with a chastity belt that’s so restrictive it often causes the girl to pee herself - not to mention, in order for Hiyori to finally reach heaven, Mitsuki needs to experience a certain amount of sexual pleasure and energy… with her big brother! Now, between trying to not soil herself and trying to get used to Hiyori’s hands between her loins, Mitsuki will do her best to survive her new "family" life with, or without, her virginity intact.

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Psyrix's avatar
Psyrix Apr 25, 2015
Score 7/10

You know, I see how bad the stars are for this one and I can't help but say that those aren't really true to how this show should be rated. Yeah, the only reason I watched this was because I was desperate for anime's, but after I did I was actually really glad I watched it. It was funny and weird, a bit on the sexual side but to be hoenst it didn't bother me like I thought it would. I ususally hate ecchi... read more

MrValgard's avatar
MrValgard Feb 13, 2015
Score 7.3/10

I have to write my first review, because this anime definitely did not deserve 1/10 (even 4.4/10 avg).

Keep in mind every production should be consider in terms of posibilities of it's genre. It's ecchi and we got step-sister-brother school/everyday life setting. And we got chastity belt! Quite an orginal idea and looks like a lot of fun. First half of series is really is interesting, and promising. We... read more

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Recently, My Sister is Unusual.
  • Vol: 11; Ch: 58
  • 2010 - 2016

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