Re:ZERO: Starting Life in Another World - The Frozen Bond

Alt title: Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu: Hyouketsu no Kizuna

Movie (1 ep x 76 min)
3.901 out of 5 from 4,082 votes
Rank #1,430

Emilia lives in a secluded forest covered in snow with the spirit Puck. The forest holds a secret: the elves who once lived there have been frozen into ice. Emilia is feared by the people living on the outskirts of the forest, but makes a humble living selling magic stones and warding off Magic Beasts. One day, however, her peaceful life is disrupted when the Great Spirit of Fire Melakuera decides to lay his judgment upon her.

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The Frozen Bond

Episode 1

The Frozen Bond

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if you like re:zero and want to sustain yourself With more lore then this prequel movie will definitely fill that role. Also for a prequel movie it does a good job setting up and building up two of the more important characters for the story. I kinda have the feeling that this is going to tie into the eventual 2nd season That finally got announced but Take that with a grain salt  If you want to suggest this to someone in a certain order I would say that you should watch this movie and the other 2018 movie mid way through the second arc of the first season Since there really isn't a defined time for these movies, and do to Subaru's death refreshing the world he's i we don't know if this is a permanent stay in the story line. that being said I'll rate it as I do mostly shows, I won't spoil any this time so I'll be brief.  first the animation, the quality is the same as the original series with some better lighting and effects but the big thing is no cgi at least none that I could notice. They did a good job.  next is the sound honestly re:zero hasn't really done a good job with ambient sounds only in small moments of the series do you ambient/white noise in the background so this one only steps it up a bit. That being said when people step on snow or move around in it you expect to here the crunch of the snow. That being said the music was pretty good nothing stand out but they did a good job setting tones and scenes with the right music  charectars are the same characters we know but given more back story, depth and development(considering their current selfs and their motivations) that was good as  well the story was good and it kept me interesed the whole movie, that maybe because I actually like these characters and have been invested in them. But they do a good job not allowing you to lose focus especially since prequels that are made to be watch after you watch some episodes in the season are hard to be invested in since you know which characters are going to live. So yes this show is well worth the watch and it helps build the word and lore.  it's little bit higher and generous of a rating than I normally give but i am assuming that most people won't watch this until they have watched the first few episodes or more. Also when a series repeatedly does a good job creating a quality product I can't help to be a little more generous 

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