Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- Season 2: Part II

Alt title: Re:Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu Season 2: Part II

TV (12 eps x 27 min)
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My favourite Re:Zero part so far, I had a lot of fun watching it! I'm not going to be saying much that's unique or new in this review, but I still wanted to get my thoughts down. I absolutely loved this part of Re:Zero. Even though Rem is still asleep and shows no signs of waking (sad), we got to learn a ton more about other characters. Otto was one who got his fair share of screentime and character development in the second season, which I loved. And he wasn't the only one! Since there weren't as many big, world-changing things happening in this season, Subaru didn't have to use his return by death powers and we could really take a look at things that wouldn't have been possible in the first season with all that was going on. One character in particular that I didn't expect to grow to like was Emilia. In the first season, I didn't think of her as being that great of a character. She didn't seem to have that much depth and wasn't appealing to me. However, in the second season that all changed. We got the chance to see more of Emilia's story and watch her grow and become stronger, which I wasn't expecting. Subaru improves this season, as well! Now, for the music! I can't talk about this without mentioning what everybody's already talking about, the opening! We got it what, twice? Pretty sure it was episode 6 and episode 8, plus the track played at the end of the final episode. At least it's on YouTube though, it's definitely going into my playlist. Even if the show itself doesn't think it exists, I'll continue playing it on repeat now and then. I have to say, I've never been much of a fan of Re:Zero's art style. It's not my thing. But even if I'm not all that impressed, I've gotta admit that the graphics in a lot of the scenes are stunning. This review doesn't get a conclusion because I don't feel like it.


Most I know of lost interest in the show and the few who lasted until this season were largely bored of it. Despite the plot remembering to move forward for a change and although it is presented as important in-series, a large portion of the audience did not get what it liked at first, and therefore got bored of it. They just didn’t care about the flashbacks that flesh out many of the minor characters, or the explanations of things that happened in the past which led to the events in the present. And sure, fleshing out the minor characters and answering whatever questions you had thus far sound very interesting and a positive thing for any show to have, but the main reasons most were watching the show for were the suffering and the waifus. It wasn’t the minor characters or the world building, which were frankly very passable and hardly got attention until this point. The average fan of this series began watching it because it had waifus and goreporn. He didn’t give a shit about the past of unimportant characters and he sure as hell didn’t care about the lore.Similar things happened with the politics of Attack on Titan, the war of the underworld in Sword Art Online, and every arc that shows what nobodies are doing in Overlord. If these shows had given more focus on secondary characters and plotlines since the very beginning and if they were not mindless softporns and action flicks, then people would indeed care when there is a flashback that fleshes out minor characters and answers questions. But they didn’t do that. They were focusing too much on dumb shit for 40 episodes or so and then tried to move to other people and aspects that were completely overlooked thus far. Guess why the average casual won’t care about any of that. It’s the same thing as having a 12 episode flashback about Yamcha from Dragonball where they explain the reasons why he eventually became a baseball player. Would this flesh him out and explain a few things about him? Sure. But would anyone care about any of that when the main appeal of the show is Goku and Vegeta changing haircolors as the audience tries to calculate their power levels for over 30 years? Despite adding to a show, a lot of things are not the main appeal of the show and thus they are boring for the vast majority of the audience. Stop wondering why every show that tries to go beyond its main appeal becomes boring despite ‘becoming better’.If I sound like I am rumbling all this time, it’s because I said all there is about Rezero in the previous seasons, and all that was left for this one was the above remark. That aside, Subaru didn’t die a single time, the problem was solved by resetting enough times until he once again gets a perfect playthrough, and a bunch of stuff happened to other characters for which I don’t give a damn about and neither do most others. The finale left everyone with an expressionless face, since we all expected it to be like that and it took forever to get there by constantly side tracking for things we didn’t care about. ZZZ out of Misery, won’t bother to remember anything about it.

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