Raven of the Inner Palace

Alt title: Koukyuu no Karasu

TV (13 eps)
Fall 2022
3.869 out of 5 from 1,488 votes
Rank #1,645
Raven of the Inner Palace

Within the inner palace lives a mysterious concubine who has never been called to the emperor's bed-chamber. Although she does not perform nighttime duties and few have actually seen her, she holds a special position in the royal court. Using the supernatural abilities granted to her by the goddess Niao Lian, she can be called upon to aid both the living and the deceased. But what are the origins of the Raven Consort, and what will happen when she and the emperor finally meet?

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**SPOILERS DO NOT LOOK IF NEVER SEEN ANIME YET** I can honestly say as the op theme song suggests, it’s quite a mysterious show with Chinese and Japanese elements that keeps you interested in the story, especially showing Shouxue’ background becoming a raven consort, her relationship with the emperor and anyone who steps through her door who pretty much asks her to heal their troubles. A lotta stuff happens in the middle of the story but just bare in mind, that the story is slow paced so I wouldn’t advise this anime for people who prefer action happening from the very beginning. As well the animation can be dull to some, I admit it isn’t spectacular really but what I admire about its art is the fact whenever the characters tell stories, it shows very old timey Japanese art that is just so gorgeous. I want to add that when Shouxue burns one of her pink flowers, the visuals for that are stunning as well. Now let’s talk about the ending, I thought it was a bit abrupt with her suddenly flying into the sky and showing a snippet of her & the emperor conversing as if something were to happen then it just stopped at that. I’m also confused that Michael Jackson-alike creepy owl dude appearing out of nowhere even though he’s supposed to be dead like wtf man?!?! Ugh I really hate this kind of cliffhanger ending in an anime like that, please make a season 2 like I’m begging Bandai Namco Pictures here lol! I liked both opening and Ed like they both sounded different but they sounded really gorgeous and just in tune with the story of this anime. Characters were pretty nice, Xing Xing was pretty cute bouncing all over the place with his fat golden body. I wanna hug him he’s just adorable 🥰 Btw I do ship Shouxue x emperor lads 🥰

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