Rave Master

Alt title: Groove Adventure Rave

TV (51 eps)
2001 - 2002
Fall 2001
3.468 out of 5 from 7,694 votes
Rank #6,962

Fifty years ago, the Demon Stone and RAVE (two powerful artifacts) are broken and scattered throughout the world. The story follows the journey of Haru Glory; during his travels he meets many new friends and allies, and also enemies known as the Daemon Card. He will have to use the powers given to him by RAVE to defeat the Daemon Card and find the other pieces of RAVE.

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SIC series no.1 (Sorry I Can’t!) Episodes tolerated: 7/51 and some spare pickings from later episodes just to confirm some stuff Its a typical random worthless shounen. Story is vague, story telling is awful, pacing is garbage. It has this old school randomness going on, you know, stuff happen for the sake of happening, because… reasons. Action is nowhere to be found, when it is finally found, it is terrible, it drags on without anything happening. I mean, it’s the worst work of a creator who’s best work is Fairytail, what more do you wanna hear? I just gave it a shot cause when my mind is too busy with other stuff, I need my anime to be simply enjoyable without making me think too much, so an average shounen (let’s say like black clover or MHA) works fine for me at times, even though I know it’s not great, it’s what I can and want to watch eventually. But this is not an average shounen, it’s unbearable. And it’s not just the story, which story by the way never goes anywhere even if for some reason (or serious mental illness) you decide to sit through all 51 episodes, you don’t even get an ending. The world building could be good, there are some ideas and interesting areas shown, but ultimately they are blunt and not explored or explained at the slightest. Everything is random and uncool, exactly what you'd expect from a show that is called Groove Adventure Rave. How the fuck can you come up with that title? How the actual fuck can you write that title down, and the think to yourself: "fuck yeah man, now that title is a keeper, it's gonna be a hit". Sharing is caring man, just sayin...  Characters are basic, uninteresting, boring, generic, typical, and not cool at the slightest. The slightest hint of progression that can find, the show makes sure that is shattered to pieces, since the romance between Haru and Elie is blantantly obvious from the opening episode. For what it's worth, the first episode holds some value as a prime example of randomness. Their design is also generic and boring, even more generic and boring than fairytail’s (yes that can happen apparently). On top of the boring and uninteresting art style, animation is not even mediocre for its time. The only aspect of the show that is not terrible is the sound. It’s not great or anything, at least it’s salvageable. Tracks were ok, the opening was ok and the voice acting was good even though the dialogues are terrible. Mad props to the voice actors that manage to speak those terrible lines. I do not recommend this show to anyone, no matter the state of mind, no matter the age, go find a nice freshly painted wall and watch it as the paint dries. That’s probably a better allocation of your free time than watching this.

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