Rakshasa Street

Alt title: Zhen Hun Jie

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Rakshasa Street

Requiem Street, where evil spirits are attracted to in order to destroy them. A place where spirits and humans co-exist, not all humans can enter Requiem Street. Only those Rare-Soul Users with Guardian Spirits can enter. Xia Ling was just a normal university intern, but a meeting by chance changes her ordinary life... In this world full of evil spirits, can you cooperate with your guardian spirit in order to survive?

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Baeron Feb 25, 2017
Score 8/10

This was an interesting anime, to say the least. It starts off very slow, luring you into a sense of complacency by trying to look generic, but as the episodes tick by, you soon realize something is very wrong. The past and future are reeled together in a rather awkward manner through the short episodes, but they reveal just as much as they need to push the plot along. The twists at the end were incredibly... read more

andreichekov's avatar
andreichekov Nov 23, 2016
Score 2/10

I don't normall review an anime that I've dropped after the first episode, but this one had no others, so I figured I'd do it. Rahshasa street sufferes the problem that it doesn'te offer anything new. Its got a girl that is learning about the new magic turning up in her life, and the protagonist hero showing that he's always had it. Nothing new to see here. watch the animes that do the same shit, but are... read more

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Rakshasa Street
  • Vol: 3+; Ch: 227+
  • 2010 - ?

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