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Ayato Kamina may seem like an average boy in a devastated world, but after being captured by TERRA, a military organization set on saving the world from the Mu, an alien race set on "tuning" the world, he realizes he is an instrument in deciding the fate of humanity and piloting RahXephon. Not only is Ayato the only person who can control the mecha, but he also has a terrible fate of his own. Holding onto memories of his old life and grasping to keep his own humanity, he must struggle in this new world and realize his true potential with RahXephon.

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roriconfan Aug 20, 2012
Score 7/10

- Animated by studio BONES, which automatically translates to great ideas, amazing production values, and shitty storyboard.
- Conceived and directed by Izubuchi Yutaka, who is mostly a designer than a director. This is in fact his only directing work outside of the remake of Space Battleship Yamato, so he doesn’t have much of a roster although both titles created a sensation.

Rahxephon will... read more

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Merryberry Oct 17, 2009
Score 10/10

IntroAyato has been living an ordinary life for 17 years.  Hoever, he's just about to find out, that the world he believed in is not what he thought it was...Story: 10I must say that I am biase when it comes to this show.  Rahxephon for me was one of the first animes that I ever watched and still to date remains in my top 5.  The reasoning for this lies mostly within the story of the show. ... read more

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