Ragnastrike Angels

TV (12 eps x 1 min)
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Ragnastrike Angels

Year 2035: A mysterious type of giant organisms appeared on Earth; the effectiveness of combat androids was very limited against those 50m-tall organisms. In desperation, Congress passed a bill allowing cellular growth factor CGF-3 to be used in combat by applying it on selected members. The result: female human combatants as tall as 38m.

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Should you watch: Only if you find a place that combines all the episodes into 1. Ragnastrike Angels is a real time mobile app game that features girls who get injected with some cells and grow 30 stories tall. Weird concept I know, guy probably just really wanted to draw buildings. The whole anime is supposed to help sales of the game, but the fact that they split a promo video into 12 small parts is beyond insane in my opinion. The whole anime is only 6 minutes long, which is a decent promo length, it just get ruined by the constant breaks. STORY: There are five girls who make up the team who fight aliens by becoming as tall as a 30 story building. Nothing really happens. ANIMATION: Top notch. Like any typical game promo you have seen (not a game turned into an anime) they want you to imagine these cool thing happening while you play their ehhh game so they really went all out on graphic. It’s really this amine’s only saving grace. SOUND: There isn’t any music, but the sounds that they made while shooting we realistic I guess. CHARACTERS: No development, but that’s not why you’re watching it. No one really stands out but the character designs look nice and actually made me want to check out the character. This could be due to the fact that if you blinked, you missed an episode. OVERALL: I give it a 5 (bottom 30%), it would be a 4 if you have to sit through and click next every 30 seconds, but luckily someone combined it all. It’s only 6 minutes so I wouldn’t blame you if you watched it and it does look really nice, but I don’t know if this should have been called an anime.

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