TV (21 eps)
2018 - 2019
Fall 2018
3.547 out of 5 from 4,235 votes
Rank #5,221

Seth is an aspiring wizard living in a pastoral village under the watchful eye of his mentor. Like all wizards, he is an “infected”—one of the few people that has survived contact with a Nemesis, creatures that fall from the sky and contaminate all they touch. His encounter gave him powers and led him to choose a path that seemed to be perfect—to become someone who hunts and fights the Nemesis. But Seth longs for a quest that goes beyond the simple hunt for monsters. He wants to find the place they come from, Radiant, and destroy it. Along with other wizards, he travels the world in search of Radiant, under the sinister eye of the Inquisition…

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So to be fair this anime's rating is fair, it's a very run of the mil shonen anime that leans a bit more on the childish side at least so far. So if you've got nothing to watch then give this one a shot, it's good on either dub or sub and the last arc is pretty good. If you can't handle the childish tone and the constant yelling after the first 6-7 episodes then drop it, but if you stick with it the last arc of  is actually pretty decent and gives me hope for the next season  im going to go in-depth and I won't soil anything until the very end.  first the animation. It's average there are some instance were they put some work but nothing special most of the time. That being said there is no incocnsistencies at least that I noticed. No cgi or pointless fan service so another plus  the sound, from yelling attacks to blasting the theme music constantly the sound is pretty poor the white noise is almost non existant and the music in show does nothing to enhance the scenes. The op and ep are actually pretty good and the voice acting on both sides is nice. The yelling and gravel laced voices that so many characters have can get annoying though characters. Oh boy and yes the boy he actually shows some growth that most shows never give a single character. The doc is a bad character straight up he can be removed and the story wouldn't change. Mellie is a pretty good but it's kind of strange to have her character depth be placed behind a bipolar curse, even though it makes her actually human. Draganoz though seems to Be the only compelling "bad guy" it's pretty clear that he's going to be the future bad turned good guy which may ruin any arc he has.  the story if they had decided on a more mature tone. With appropriate comedy places at good moments through the show. The childish natures hinders the undertones of racism classism and torture. The amount of breaks in heavy action sequences especially because of doc for real ruin many moments. That being said the show does seem to be creating a heavy atmosphere at the last 6 episodes. Hopefully they it's used properly and not abused because they can't figure out any other motivations.  MAJORCOMPLAINT TIME: this show has many gripes the CONSTANT YELLING AND ATTACKS holy cow I can't believe they let them go through. They are just so loud and jarring that I went brain dead everyone I heard anything other than the repulse shield spell. Also most of the character designs are all over the place with no real conisstentcy, some where ties others where 1700 gowns others in 1920s dresses etc. there is no consistency.  The tone problem has got to be the biggest problem with the show. With the heavy undertones that may seem like a great story and good magic systems are ruined by the constant break in action and suspense. With radiant WACKY faces and moments mid fights and also with the many filler episodes that have no point to the overall plot(the doc episodes) they are half baked trainings episodes that show almost no training.  many of these problems could be fixed with the second season if it is better. 

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