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At a school full of geniuses from varying fields of study, Taketo Akutagawa has a special – albeit different – genius as well: writing harem novels. Now amongst the other geniuses, he aims win the interclass competition and be recognized as the world’s greatest harem writer

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RuskaCat Jun 5, 2012
Score 6.1/10

Story - When I got this anime, it was on bakabt as a freeleach, and I had downloaded it as fluff for my seed/leach ratio. However, I got bored and decided to give it a try. From the description I read of the series, it sounded like the plot was a group of students making a porno. Fortunately (or unfortunately, I'm not really sure anymore), it is not. The story revolves around Taketo Akutagawa, a genius adult... read more

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Komirai Aug 5, 2012
Score 6/10

This anime isn't really worth watching.. It pretty boring in it own sense. The main character is unique in its own way. The only thing that may be of some interest to some viewers is probably the artwork because it is a harem and ecchi anime.

This anime doesn't have a storyline. There is no hook for you to continue watching. It just an typical anime that takes about how the male protagonist lives his... read more

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