Quiz Magic Academy

OVA (1 ep)
2.59 out of 5 from 1,001 votes
Rank #6,978

At the Magic Academy, students compete academically for magical stones. Classes and individuals who perform well are rewarded the stones, while those who are failing or involved with scandals have them taken away. Ruquia and her friends are in the Academy's lowest class. Their only hope is to make a comeback in the upcoming interclass group magic battle! Can this group of underachievers prove their worth?

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hamletsmage Feb 8, 2016
Score 5.5/10

Since this is a short anime, this will be a short review.  Story: The protagonist students find out they are the lowest scoring class (by average) and to make up for it, they will need to perform well at the magic battle festival. Their preparations are interjected with random tidbits of their daily lives, like the cat-ear fad that hit the school... Animation: As seen above, the animation is fairly... read more

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Jakman217 Oct 4, 2015
Score 7/10

Simple, short, to the point, and not without some humor. While I could complain that the characters are 1 dimensional steriotypes and jokes unto themselves, it's a one episode OVA series (yes there's a second episode, but as of this review seeing it or not is a 50/50 shot).  Nothing ventured Nothing Gained. If you want to watch, watch, it's not horrible or painful by any means, and even if you don't like... read more

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