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Alt title: Queen's Blade 2: Gyokuza wo Tsugumono

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Oct 24, 2009

I present to you a series of quotes from the IRC channel while I was watching 1-4 to add this to the database.

[sothis] well hey at least the nudity happens 1.5 minutes into the first episode


[sothis] boob groping in episode 1 -_-

[sothis] with nipple closeup

[sothis] HOW HIGH BROW

[sothis] oh jesus.

[sothis] ok wtf

[sothis] whats with the tentacles

[sothis] WHAT

[sothis] ok for fucks sakea



[sothis] oh sweet, acid spitting boobs mcgee is back!

[sothis] OH GOD DONT DO IT


[Value1k] lmao


[sothis] ok seriously WHAT THE FUCK

[sothis] why does the tentacle keep force mouth raping her

[sothis] the religious woman really, really grosses me out

[sothis] her boobs are so big its like only that part of her body is morbidly obese


[sothis] crotch shot of obese boobs woman :(

[sothis] omg

[chiii] lulz 

[sothis> ok, licking off the boob acid, not realistic

[sothis] dear creators of queens blade,

[sothis] boobs are not saddle bags

[sothis] love sothis

[sothis] it makes me want to stab myself in the face

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
0.5/10 overall
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Nov 26, 2009

Plot: "Tomoe, Risty, Echidna, Iruma, Ymil, Cattleya and the other busty, scantily-clad warriors are back, and ready to compete in the Queen’s Blade tournament; also joining the fray is angel from heaven Nanael. With no knowledge of who they’ll be called to fight and if they’ll live to tell another day, the girls will have to deal with tentacles, acid-spitting mammaries, plentiful groping and endless exposing situations to jiggle their way to the top of the competition!" (site synopsis)

Story: To begin with, as i mentioned in other reviews i am very interested in ecchi animes even more i LOVE watching ecchi animes, one of them is this one, the second season of the anime Queen's Blade titled as Gyokuza wo Tsugomono (Heir to the Throne).For those who already seen the first season titled as Rurou no Senshi then i dont need to explain how it ended up until now, dont realy have much to tell about the story since there isnt a solid one to begin with nor to end with.Even so we know a few things about this anime, protagonists like Listy, Reina, Claudette, Tomoe, Nanael, Cattleya, Ymir, Elina, Echidna, Irma and others are fighting in a competition named Queen's Blade with the purpose of becoming the Queen of Gainos, but to do that first they need to deal with the actual queen, Aldra, who plots to eliminate her oponents one by one.One thing i got to mention here, if you think that this anime has a nice and real action or real fights who keep you in suspense then turn around and keep looking for other animes because you wont find this stuff in this one, Queen's Blade is all about ecchi, nudity, panty shots, boobs and nipples neverending, in other words random placed Fan Service.

Animation: Nothing that catches your atention, except for its over exposed nudity aspect and neverending boobs and nipples this anime doesnt exceed in terms of animation.One thing that i am impressed is the character designs which fits the character personality very well.

Sound: Horrible.The opening has a decency mark but the ending lol the only suitable word that i could find is funny but seriously in terms of sound this thing ruins everything! The background sounds kinda fits the medieval environment in this anime, the only thing that realy fits in the anime perfectly, probably.

Characters: Again, as we know in extremely rare cases, ecchi animes have story or character development.In the first season of this anime we had a decent character development but in Heir to the Throne we dont see any new characters showing up, nothing.All characters, individualy are also undeveloped, nothing changed from the first season more exactly, but nothing that i might call unexpected.

Overall: If you are in the mood of watching something ecchi with excessive nudity aspects and boobs, nipples all over then this anime might make your day but if you dont just forget about it and go on with you life otherwise you will regret watching this anime.Since i am a fan of ecchi animes i enjoy almost all of them, even though they dont have a strong story or character development, i still rate them higher then what they deserve mainly because i realy enjoyed it, this one is kinda special since its in my top 5 ecchi animes for quite a while.Watching this anime kinda reminded me of Sekirei or Ikkitousen seasons but at least those 2 had some real fights, this is the thing that kinda makes difference between this animes.The same, i rate this anime higher than normal for the reasons mentioned above.

~As always just my thoughts~                ~When it ends i will make a final review~

Here are some pictures:

And some videos:

Final Review

I think that the ending of this second season of Queen's Blade titled as Heir to the Throne or Gyokuza wo Tsugomono was predictable.Since most of the important moments, crucial moments were centered on Vance Reina then the ending was predictable from the first season.Even so the ending kinda impressed me, there were several turns of events and some miraculous entries of some protagonists that i thought that were dead.The ending was briliant thou but i wish for a third season, mainly because this one kinda left some unclarities.Of course i raise the rating because of the briliant ending and the way stuff developed.

~Enjoy and Cya Around~

7.5/10 story
6.5/10 animation
5.5/10 sound
7.5/10 characters
9.3/10 overall
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Jun 21, 2017

Once again i must warn the people of AP that my reviews contain strong language and if you read them you're gonna end up in the psych ward...Or so say the admins of this site like i'm delivering a hate speech or i'm the key note speaker for a KKK conference..So with that outta the way let's put this baby to sleep.

And we start with the obvious..The story.Well there is one but i'm not sure it's being utilised properly..I mean,gods,angels,a battle tournament,boobs.......This is made from stuff of dreams,it's like swimming in a pool of cream with babes feeding you grapes under the hot mediterranean sun.It's heaven on earth,but somehow the writers thought that wasn't enough of a thrill...No they wanted to give us something to make our brain's circuits fry,something to make every fiber of our body wanting more and more until we are passed out on the floor covered in our own bodily fluids.Much like that chick then on the very first ep where she is......Tentacle raped!!!I'm completely sold.In fact from this point on,i'm gonna sell everything i own and buy every dvd,every limited edition they produce,figurines and shit and spend the rest of eternity worshipping an exact replica of the creator's head.That's how much i love the story.

For the characters part i shall now turn to baby Jesus who once famously said:"Let them nude,huge boobed bitches come to me and spank dat ass with some divine lovey love"..And who am i to say otherwise?If the son of God says so and i say so you are in for some treat..

The soundtracks and the VA are like an angels choir,lifting your spirit to heavenly heights.

At this point i must admit i'm fucking with you but now i'm gonna get serious..

Cause i'm astounded by the fact that this piece of otherworldly shit has much,much,much,much better animation than most of the "serious" anime.This anime in other words shows the world that even if your purpose is to produce...Well almost hentai quality anime you don't have to add insult to injury by making the animation dangerous.I've said time and again that no matter what the animation is the most basic pillar.And this one delivers the goods.It's by no means the best thing i've laid my eyes upon,but considering that this anime won't be watched by that many people(and let's be honest it won't)and won't be heralded as the Van Gogh of animes,it certainly shows that the creators showed more attention and care to that department.And that can't be said with the utmost certainty for many animes out there.The fights are fights they are not stills of people pushing people and dare call that groundbreaking animation.The movements are movements not jiggly,juddy;doodley drawings.Don't get me wrong i'm not saying that this is good animation,cause it isn't.BUT it's way better than most.

To sum it up.It's shit,the story is there for decorative purposes,the characters are as interesting and developed as a rotting corpse,but it has some stunning piece of animation.I won't watch it again,i won't even advise you to do so.It's bad,it's crap and by the end i wanted to go all emo and cut my wrists.So if you are not in the bussiness of commiting suicide......Watch something else.I know i am..

1/10 story
3.5/10 animation
1/10 sound
1/10 characters
2/10 overall
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Dec 2, 2012

Warning this review may contain spoilers of the anime it self. 


Queen's Blade, A Heir to The Throne.

Queen's Blade is a personal favorite but it was all about one thing: Breast, tits and bewbs.

The anime itself was the perfect part 2 of the anime. There were a lot of great moments in this series.One of them was the moment that Cattleya found out that her husband was taken capture by Aldra.

And another was Nyx, we only saw a flash of her in Season 1. And the final was the second Earl Vance realized that Maria ( his wife) went into the Queen's Blade for him.

This series was truly beautiful. And one thing where I really had to hold my tears (I was very stuck into the moment) was the fight between Tomoé and Shizuka. Couse we all know " No sacrifice no Victory" The plot in the anime was just fine

The only thing that sucked was the ending! Why is holy milk so damn powerful against demons. It would also work against me. I tell you this. 6 out of 10 for the plot.

Music: The music was almost the same as season 1. One of the new things where the endings of MeronaMenace and Airi. The opening and the new Main theme.

There was no real different. The OST's were truly great as always.

 An usual score 7 out of 10.

Development: The development was the best of all Queen's Blade series! In this season a lot happens We found out that Aldra was possessed by a demon (fallen angel). We found out that Nyx is fan of Tentacles rape. And that she was the childhood maid of Elina.

The develop was a great view into the past. And one of the most things I liked was the story about Maria. And Reina was cut out the most. Now the whole Development was for all the warriors.

7 out of 10. For the development.

Characters will not be rated because there was only one new person!

Animations:  The animations were also a bit better than Season 1. The greatest part where we would see the animations in action were the battles and of course with the Armor-Breaks. And also Funikura and you know where I'm talking about. Brrrrr I feel so sorry for Nyx. But it's not my problem!

And the Holy Poses were also included with nice animations. ( But still, I'd rather see Siggy and Nanael making the poses than Melpha) 

8 out of 10.

The develop scored the highets with the fight between Reina and Risty. And the final showdown between Reina and Aldra and the appearance of Delmore!

all counted together Queen's Blade: A Heir To the Throne scores a 7 out of a possible 10.

don't forget to see the full review @ http://lionsdeamon.wordpress.com/2012/12/02/517/

6/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
?/10 characters
7/10 overall
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Feb 17, 2019

Well chaps, here we are. The end of the Queen's Blade tournament. A much better season than the first, for whatever it's worth. One finds most of one's questions answered by the end of the season and the story actually gains and follows a structure! Marvelous! Once again we decided to watch this one dubbed so grab your flip flops lads, it's party time.


In this season we follow Leina: The Wandering Warrior on her journey to win the Queen's blade by fighting her friends without being frozen in some sort of undescribed crystal of urine. The same cannot be said for some other characters however, opening a rather perculiar sub-plot where a demon very quickly turns to the side of good just by walking around with a child (who's entire body is smaller than his mother's breasts) for a couple of days. Not on my watch! I would have put this child in the ground as soon as he opened his mouth the cheeky brat! This demon maid and her strange comrads almost seem to be the focus of this season, recieving some solo screen time and jazzy walking in every ending. Some highlights of the story this season are evil agent Risty, sudden milk-addict Nanael, wand-tenticle rape, incest lesbian tension and straight-up nonsensical friend murdering! Spectacular!

Animation and Sound

The animation this season is mostly of the same quality as season 1. A rather strange amount of money, however, seems to have been spent on the ending animations. Near-60fps cycles of characters walking can be found here, accompanied by a story-relevant monologue and some energetic jazz music. As a connoisseur of jazz, this ending really rustled my jimmies! +1 to animation from last season! One wonders whether the entire plot of Queen's Blade could be extracted from these endings, saving the audience a large amount of time while providing both the visual and audio highlghts of the entire season! Alas, these endings have not been dubbed in English, a true let down leaving me emotionally drained and close to writing a strongly-worded letter to the blu-ray distributor! Maybe even to Masahiro Sakurai himself!


Season two of Queen's blade features the same characters as season one for the most part but still manages to include a few new entries. Not that this is a bad thing of course, Ikkitousen has already shown the damage that an excess of characters can do to a show and this season we needed some fodder for Leina to defeat. Perhaps the most questionable characters introduced here are Nyx and the current Queen Aldra, two characters seemingly possessed by tentacle monsters. To separate these characters then, something drastic needed to be done and, as a result, Aldra has a horn-penis and an eyepatch and Nyx gets raped every now and again by her magic wand. Thanks Japan!


In summary, Queen's Blade season two somehow manages to outshine the already great season one, elegantly wrapping up the deep story threads and adding jazz to the ending! Unfortunately the season does leave a major question unanswered by the end, just who the devil is this Swamp Witch? More importantly, does she have double-Ds too? I want to meet the character that created the acid-lactating pink slime girl! I guess I'll have to wait until next season to find out...

Absolute Harem

5/10 story
5/10 animation
6/10 sound
5/10 characters
5.5/10 overall
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