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Alt title: Versatile Mage

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Jun 20, 2017

Fan Mo is a very loveable character, he does basically everything you want him to do.  While this makes both himself and the anime very predicatable, he still ends up being a fun character to root for.

As far the the plot goes, its a very straightforward, predictable, lack luster plot line.  Theres nothing amazing about it at all, but at the same time it doesn't do anything majorly upsetting as in other anime series.

The sounds used for a lot of things in the anime a very poor quality, especially in the case of the monsters, though most of the voices for the characters are of a decent quality.

Overall it was a very good anime with its straightforward plot line with no twists at all.  You'll find yourself being able to predict everything thats going to happen far into the future without any fun surprises coming your way.  I would personally never recommend this for anyone, but all the same it was a fun watch when I was bored with nothing else to do at the time.

3/10 story
3/10 animation
2/10 sound
5/10 characters
4/10 overall
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Aug 24, 2017

Recommended for those who have never read Chinese light/web novels or is bored af and likes the whole underestimated MC kind of story

Not Recommended for people who have watched Marvel, DC, Avatar: The last airbender, or any anime with superpowers or for those who are really put off with bad animations.


Frankly the story is generic and cliche. But magic schools + underestimated MC is my guilty pleasure. Also, I was hella bored

There are many many problems with this anime. 

1. Cutscenes

A lot panning in and out of scenery for no reason. A lot of meaningless and LONG flashbacks to events that happened only a few episodes ago. Anime ends in weird places each episode. Doesn't end in a conclusion of an event or cliffhanger. It's like they made everything in one go and just chopped the story up at 20 min intervals.

2. Fight Scenes

The fight scenes are not smooth AT ALL. Like sometimes when a character is cornered by a monster all of a sudden everyone stops moving. Like you would think that the monster would finish the character off but no. The monster just stares at the character and SLOWLY gets closer to it. The cornered character doesn't do anything either. He/She also just stares at the moster in fead. Then it becomes a staring contest. And I'm like,

And then they finally start moving when the MC or another character saves the one in distress JUST IN TIME.

It's just the monsters are conveniently slow when someone is in a tough situation. I'm not sure if this is due to the poor animation of fight scenes and poor portrayal of injuries and hence why a monster would slow down..?, or because it is used as a plot device so the MC can get the glory of the last shot or the kill. I'm hoping it's not the latter. 

3. Ineffective Use of Powers

If you've watched Fairy Tale, Avatar, One Piece, or any of that, the way they use the powers will make you facepalm.

Ice Smear? You are literally one letter away from Ice Spear!!! Why trap monsters with ice and wait for another mage to kill it when you can literally kill it yourself?!

All the mages even the elites are useless. They take turns to take down a monster instead of working together. Everyone is literally standing there and not moving except that one person who is attacking the monster. 

One facepalm is not enough to deal with their level of incompetence. 

4. Everyone is Cannon Fodder/ Characterization

MC is always right. Everyone else is just ignorant and selfish. MC is justice. MC will always win. Those people who gossip "Ah, Mo Fan will definitely lose. He stands no chance" or "I'm glad I'm not trash like him" are there to emphasize his glory once he proves them wrong.

This kind of setting is overdone in LNs. MC only suffers in the premise in the story. But because of some OP magic item or ability that is bestowed upon him, he starts winning all the time. He never suffers a loss. All the "great and powerful" characters are always on the side of the MC. I mean sure, he will get into conflicts but it's always obvious that the MC will win. There's never the uncertainty that the MC will lose. Which is BORING!!!!

Everyone is one dimensional. If the MC had a theme song, it would be "All I Do is Win" by DJ Khaled

5.  Comedy and Originality of Story

Unless you've lived under a rock, then I'm pretty sure you've seen the magic school + underestimated MC cliche before. The thing is that other animes or mangas have their own spin to it. This anime does not have its own spin to it (though I would think people who have not read any Chinese LN would disagree). 

Comedy wise...I never laughed at any part of the anime. Some people may find that parts where he has his inner monologue funny...but that's about it.

There was this one part where someone asked a leader where he found such a talented guy like the MC and the leader responded that he found the MC at an audtion. Then all the characters started laughing. And I'm watching this like...

What I liked about the anime:

1. Not everyone is stupid despite being cannon fodder. 

2. Not everything is handed to the MC (unlike many LNs). Eg. He is not naturally very fast and growing his powers. There is a legit reason why in the beginning his Fire level was really low. And the reason is not because it is to further his glory. There are very little asspulls. Things can be explained by legit and reasonable reasons.

3. The girls do not throw themselves at the MC

4. The subs by Mizurex33 Aka Mizu on Youtube make the anime a lot more enjoyable and funny

Overall, it's a fun watch if this sort of thing is your guilty pleasure. But otherwise, I wouldn't recommend it

3/10 story
2/10 animation
3/10 sound
2/10 characters
2.5/10 overall
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Jan 10, 2018

Hi, I am fairly new to reviewing stuff let alone anime but this is the kind of show I want to review mainly because of how disappointed I was. This entire anime is a Chinese rip off of Blue Exorcist. I don't mean it has same tones but it's the same EXACT story. It's about a young boy with a secret power who is assumed to be normal or sometimes weak but uses his secret power to defend others in secret or else (Well in this shows case for no reason). But the poor animation and the sad excuse of a soundtrack make this just a wasted potentional. This could have been a cool niche anime but instead is nothing more then a washed down Blue Exorcist...

1/10 story
3/10 animation
2/10 sound
3/10 characters
2/10 overall
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Jun 20, 2017

This might be the best anime offering I have yet seen from China, whose anime so far have not be the most stellar.  They are usually very cliched and often use a creepy 3d cgi style that doesn't look all that palatable.  This series however, looks much more like a traditional though modern anime style.  I still sense a little bit of some dependence upon computer generated methods but at least this looks much closer to the more familar vision.  Story wise, this is not really all that original, but it is at least told very, very well.  The characters are quite sharp, strong, amenable, and laid out well.  You can see elements of "God Eaters", "The Irregular at Magic High" (the fact they even call it a high school almost might make you feel its setting is in the enemy nation facing The Irregular), and a few others such as Line Barrels of Iron, World Trigger, Magical Warfare.  The silly importance placed on family/names, magic power, placement, 'element', and backstabbing resembles what is seen in Naruto.

You see alot more going on in the opening and closing credits which suggests at least one more season has already been made.  I do not know if that is the case or they just inserted extra scenes they never planned to use.  The so called daughter of the tyrant shit head is sadly not only not much of a character but she is not in it much, but she isn't very likeable as yet either.  This lady who essentiallly ruined Mo Fan and his father's life cause she wanted to run away, never offers much in the way of support for him or displeasure against her piss poor excuse of a monstrous beast for a father.  How anyone could love such a creature is difficult to comprehend.  Love isn't supposed to smother you to death like it does from the creature that assumes the role of her father.  The wind guy best friend is a decent character and for the most part so is the City Hunter team, Mo Fan is on, the Mu girl maybe a bit iffy there though.  Why the whole family is so full of biased, angry, brainwashed, mindless drone, shit heads who can't think for themselves is pretty sad.  Because if they could, they would not so easilly agree with every lie the slimeball says.  Yet even the girl who pretended to love Mo Fan seems to have sided with her worthless family over him unfairly.  Fire girl and shy girl with the cute dark hair and side pony tail are good characters.  The only other really worth while character is the level 3 plus water magic user that destroyed the mutating wolf thing just before the duel arc.  Most of the rest are weak ass wusses who can't stand up for themselves or others or the drone clone servants of the thick headed jackhole tyrant who is also Mo's former love interest's father.  

I do know how or if another season can repair the damage done to her character in this season showing how shitty of a person she is, but they may try, however, I am not sure she is salvageable.  The cutest girl is the water shield lady from the city hunter team however.  Mo's sister is certainly a good character as is their father, the so called non person taxi driver the way the demonic Mu family from hell like to depict him.  It is amazing anyone in that family is even capable of displaying their fake love at all.  The lowest point showing how low this family is, is how that dick head of a father cheats so obviously to give his weak ass wimpy son Yu Ang the slightest unfair advantage over someone who justly insulted him for hurting his own father.  You deservedly brought it on yourself you inhuman scumbag.  Is what should be said to him.

Some of the other low points for the series are the lack of variety of monsters they face and lack of respect anyone other than a shitty Mu family gets.  It is enough to drive one mad with how much fluff they get.  One of the reasonns I add it here is cause the just doll up their ego a bit too much to stomach through out the series.  And that family pretty much dominates the peacock feather self love show.  It's a bit distracting and should be toned down a hair so it is not so repetitive and over the top ego stroking.  The high school experience is literally rushed through and they are to the point of graduating in 11 episodes, as episode one, he wasn't enrolled yet.  That might be a bit too fast for most of us to find acceptable.  It isn't too bad though and means it isn't focused on underaged high school students mainly like most all other anime.  It also means, it merely highlighted only the most interesting events during the high school years, so it may work out better than if they had focused on high school more.  A few characters don't get enough development or screen time where you might expectd they should get more.   But others like the water mage genius who appears only once for all of about 3 minutes make more of an impact than some who have many times the screen time.  It makes it seem a bit unbalanced that way.  Mu Bai is another example, he is initially set up to be either an outright nemesis or a potential friendly rival but ends up being neither as his screen time and development is pretty much cancelled about half way through the season and is instead picked up by the creepy father guy and the even more self centered ego stroker, Yu Ang.  What happens to his sister feels a bit too much like lame pointless fanservice than crucial to the plot plus it detracts from the main character and his uniqueness quite a bit.  I hope they plan to rectify that in the future to rebalance it out.

Still the show is worth watching and is quite entertaining.  One thing it gets very right is anticipation.  So much is built up from one episode to the next, you are practically left with a cliff hanger at the end of every episode and craving to see what happens next.  This will be a let down if it is only one season because, season one is more like a long introduction of a long series than a true series in and of itself.  

Score Breakdown:

Story:  I gave it a lower score because the value and potential greatness of the story relies very heavily upon additional seasons.  So if, until, and unless more are added, this score can not be very high.

Animaton:  This look is much closer to the style most of us are acclimated to best, but it still possess a fragment of the same over reliance on 3d cgi computer art styles so prevailent in most Chinese anime. 

Sound:  It was not outstanding but did match actions well and voice acting wasn't bad but it didn't stand out significantly either.

Characters:  The series has plenty of strong and likeable characters with thier own complexities, in depth backgrounds, and and struggles.  However a few of them I get the strong impression do not come off as intended such as the silver haird girl, Ming Xin.  She comes off as too cold and detatched to have ever had a relationship with Fan Mo let alone ever hope to be considered a leading female protagonist.  So far, the fire girl or even the Mu ice wizard in the city hunter group are far better matches for Fan Mo.  Any girl that claims she loves you and then for all intents and purposes wholly abandons you to the fury of her demonic family, is not worth a shit in my book.  Her cousin Yu Ang, isn't worth much either as he is too foolish and full of himself to make a really solid good bad guy type, antagonist, or even a moderate rival, Mu Bai does a slightly better job but is underplayed and essentially dropped off after barely half the season.  Thus while the series has good strong characters it has alot of weak or incomplete or incompetent characters that make it a bit lacking.

Overall Score: I would love to give this a higher score but the sad fact is the story is only an introduction to a much longer and more complex story we only get a vague impression of in season one.  This series will not work as a single season series, it needs at least 1 if not 3 more seasons to feel remotely complete.  The other major issue is the lack of key character development and involvement in the story, many of whom we are given the impression are much more important then their meager appearances in the series so far.

If more seasons are added, then this score could easily rise as I said it, and many of it's characters and the story depend heavily upon having more seasons.

6.8/10 story
7.3/10 animation
7/10 sound
7.8/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
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May 21, 2021

It's not great but it's not terrible, its below average but not sub-par more like an ordinary Chinese anime or Donghua. This show is pretty popular and has FOUR seasons with a fifth on the way. 

Mo Fan doesn't reincarnate to another world like most shows instead he meets an old man who transports him to a different reality of the present where magic exists, although the show doesn't go deeper than that. He is in the lower class and his father has to beg a former employer who is an influential member at a magic academy to allow Mo Fan to attend the entrance examination, although everyone expects him to fail he passes. 

Mo Fan pretends to be weak in one magical element although he is a rare exception and actually has two; the second no one knows he has except a guild who he works with wearing a mask because High Schoolers aren't allowed to join. 

This show is in Chinese so wear you watch the sub version is important because the dialogue in some versions may not make any sense. This is a show where you are bored with the usual BS and want to broaden your horizons. Is this a good anime, no. But if you want to begin watching Dongua's this is a good one to start with. 

5/10 story
5/10 animation
5/10 sound
6/10 characters
5/10 overall
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