Quanzhi Fashi 2nd Season

Alt title: Versatile Mage 2nd Season

Web (12 eps x 19 min)
3.525 out of 5 from 1,111 votes
Rank #3,138

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Tama973's avatar
Tama973 Oct 17, 2017
Score 2/10

Barely made it through the first season, production values were simply bad and story was mediocre, but I wanted to try some chinese anime for once and was hooked on The King's Avatar

This season is .... so worse it's kinda funny, animation is awful, art is so bad sometimes you're not sure of who is who, and the plot is going nowhere, bunch of people dying there and there, lame-ass obvious betrayals and... read more

NyanVader's avatar
NyanVader Oct 8, 2017
Score 5/10

Second season is awful. Story line don't keep you in tension how it was in season one. Animation looking cheaper. I can't asses the sound correctly, because I watching it in my native language. Charaсters became stupid, they don't use magic in obvious situation, many useless, foolish conversation between them. Fan Mo became superhero, I dont empathize with him. Don't watch this anime, if you liked... read more

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