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A busty feline walks down the road, catching the eye of a jovial pig who invites her into his home. But after drugging the cat-woman for his own nefarious purposes, the pig finds himself violently at odds with a big bad wolf who wants the girl for his own...

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What in the hell did I just watch. No, serously, WTF just went on. That was a rollercoaster of 5 minutes that was worth the watch. Story (Spoliers) So basically a humoniod cat goes to a pigs house for drinks and one thing leads to another and... Boom, the catgirl is held againt her will by pig rapist who has turned super creepy. After locking her in his, lets say rape dungeon, the pig returns to recieve a knock at the front door, apon opening, a gangster wolf enters and beats the living shit out of pig rapist. The gangster wolf finds the catgirl chained to the floor and the whole story flips, he tries his hentai tounge monster skills on her and the pig rapist turns into her knight in shining daterape, fighting off the gangster wolf with all he's got. This gives catgirl enough time to esape from the rape dungeon and make it outside where it seems pig rapist just didnt have what it took to defeat the wolf. The catgirl, out of nowhere, nutshots the wolf and decapitates him with a single kick... Fin. DAFUK Animation I loved the animation, I've always had a soft spot for stop motion animation and understand through working with it myself, that its a difficult and unforgiving medium. The animators, as strange as the story is, did an excellent job portraying it with nice clean movements on characters and camera shots.  Sound The audio was perfect offering zero dialog and set the tones through background noise and the soundtrack which caused the sudden shifts in tone to be more dramatic. Overall I would say that there might be some people out there, such as myself, that will enjoy this in all its glory but this will leave most unamused.

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