TV (15 eps x 4 min)
2013 - 2014
Winter 2014
3.27 out of 5 from 939 votes
Rank #11,536

Fifth grader Wakaba can see things other people can't. Because of this, she's bullied by her classmates and spends her days alone. But one day, she meets a strange pink creature who only says "Pupipo." It quickly becomes fond of Wakaba and protects her from evil beings. With its help, she befriends Reiko, a girl obsessed with the occult. Meanwhile, she meets Naoya, a boy who can also see invisible creatures, and decides to help him get rid of them.

Source: ANN

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Pupipo! an anime about a girl, Himeji Wakaba, with the ability to see ghosts and a little pink ball character (Pupipo), that I had named Kirby for no particular reason. As short form series go, this one was actually pretty good. The story it had would have worked as a show of regular length. Most of the series is quite easy going, with some of the overarching story sprinkled in here and there, mostly when regarding to Kirby, the titular character. The final few episodes is where the story kicks into top gear which can be a turn off for those that just wanted a laid back comedy, however I found that even in these last few episodes the show still manged to be just as amusing as before. A slight negative is the fact that the anime ends a little unceremoniously, the events leading up to it promised a little more. Pupipo's cast was pretty good, the protagonist was more on the serious side however the rest of the characters in the show have some sort of comedic value to them, there was even a character that at a glance seemed to be one of the stoic, male characters with little emotion or personality but there was actually far more to them than that. It had a nice art style, well animated. Nothing to complain about here, the technical side of things worked for the show. In conclusion, a solid short form series only let down by its rather lacklustre ending. I could have easily watched this had it been a full series. Its pacing is a little uneven, with the plot mostly taking action nearer the end; however this was not too big a problem for me. This was certainly time well spent in my case, very decent show, very enjoyable watch. A SpanglishJC 'Short Review' Daily Anime Marathon Club Review

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