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In a normal neighborhood in a normal city, a young maid arrives from the maid village to help out a young unnamed girl. But this battery-operated being is no ordinary maid! Not only can she remove her head and turn her body into glue (amongst other things), Cheko-chan also has the wackiest of friends. From Mizore, the edible snow spirit from the north, to Nachiko, a large squid who likes to change faces, to Kanato the Yankee, the bully who is the strongest of them all, it seems the craziness has just begun in the life of a once typical high school student.

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sothis Aug 27, 2004
Score 8.5/10

I think it should be immediately said that Pugyuru has no plot. At all. The entire "story" consists of pure randomness, revolving around small happenings in the life of a girl whose name starts with "Ma" (you never find out the rest). The episodes are also only about 3 minutes long, making the entire series taking up a mere 1.5 normal episodes worth of viewing material. At least 4 episodes revolve... read more

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Masakari Sep 27, 2004
Score 7.5/10

The setup for this show is ridiculously simple. A girl (whose name we never learn aside from it starting with "Ma") has her parents suddenly leave on a romantic cruise, leaving her alone in the house. To help her take care of the house, they have hired a maid--a tiny girl named Cheko. Come to think of it, she’s actually not very much a girl at all... More like a somewhat body-shaped mass with a... read more

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  • Vol: 7; Ch: 19
  • 2001 - 2008

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