TV (8 eps x 46 min)
Fall 2019
3.858 out of 5 from 2,972 votes
Rank #1,707

"Justice" opens up a new world. In the near future, the Sybil System, a surveillance network that quantifies human souls, maintains public order. In a changing world, detectives with Dominators, guns that measure "Crime Coefficients," pursue "latent criminals" before they commit crimes. The third series of Psycho-Pass follows two inspectors seeking the truth: Arata Shindo and Kei Mikhail Ignatov.

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This was quite a disappointment, after setting up the confrontation against the Sybil System in the past seasons now we got a huge time skip where everything that we wanted to see has already happened off-screen and we get no explanation why, and neither the full picture of what events took place. This series may be better understood as a spin-off that happens in the same world as Psycho-Pass with cameo appearances from past characters. It barely resembles Psycho-Pass, the intelligent deductions based on observations are now gone, replaced by a Deus ex machina super-power that just infodumps all the answers they need when they need it. They barely use their dominators, now they fight instead, the action scenes and their animation are quite good and well-choreographed, but why are they fighting anyway since they can just shoot? Why they are no longer using their dominators to stun people to prevent the conflict from escalating? No explanation is giving to this, at times, it even feels they forget to scan people's Psycho-Pass, there is no reason why do that now because the new characters just want to chase and beat criminals senseless. It seems the creators put all their efforts into making this season all about the action, but it just feels out of place with the world we know. This show may have found better success if it was released under a different name, it's a different brand anyway, I really don't see a reason why they need it to make this a sequel to Psycho-Pass other than trying to capitalize on the brand. They just end up ignoring everything that happened before, there are no new insights and this new series suffers the constrictions of having to fit somehow with Psycho-Pass world and the inevitable comparisons to Psycho-Pass 1 & 2. There are no longer discussions about the psyche's health, behavioral psychology or sociology. All these aspects of the show are highly ignored, there is no deeper meaning in this season. The darkness, gore, and constant thrilling tension of the show are also gone. The story is largely episodic and it's left incomplete in this season, leaving the door open for a new season which I'm not excited to watch. To sum it up, if you are expecting to see a continuation of the story and get answers to the previous plot, you are out of luck. If you want to see how the lives of the previous protagonists have changed, you barely get cameo appearances for that with a few surprises here and there. If on the other hand, you want to see The Arata-Kei Show, a team of detectives that is something closer to The Mentalist & Daredevil, then that's fine but the show is still more average overall, I cannot recommend you spend your time on this, but you may try.

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