Alt title: Masou Kishin Cybuster

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In 2029, a massive earthquake destroyed Tokyo; in the present day, its residents are still trying to pick up the pieces. Out to assist is DC, an organization charted with conducting research and cleaning up the city with the help of giant robots. Ken is a young man who has been training to get into the DC, but fails to be accepted into their ranks. However, when a giant white robot materializes, Ken jumps into action and subsequently is accepted into DC's ranks. Joined by his friend Mizuki, entitled Lyune and other new recruits, Ken tries his best to protect the city against the white monster. But soon, Mizuki is pulled into another dimension and returns with the startling truth behind the robot - and when attempts are made on Mizuki’s life, it becomes harder and harder to tell who the real villains truly are...

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First some items I need to adress. I'm Dutch to expect some spelling errors, if they are to annoying just message me and I'll fix it. My opinion may vary from others and this is fine. People are different so there is a good chance that I will not like what you love. Deal with it. I'm not telling you that you should hate it too, I'm telling you why I didn't like it. I'll try to keep swearing to a minimum but fail utterly on occasion. In general it is the more the anime pisses me off the more I swear so watch out for the low scored ones. Art: It's pretty bad but gets the job done. This is a 1999 anime but looks so much older. A plus is that there is no CGI that I could see. Sound: Sound is fine. Voice actors do what they can with what they have been given, which isn't a lot. Music I can no longer remember. Characters: The main character is Ken. He is a mecha pilot trainee whp wishes to join DC and help clean of the mess left behind by the disaster. He is very cocky and quick to anger which often leads him to getting his ass kicked. Although he doesn't always shows it he cares deeply for his family. Mizuki is a lifelong friend os Ken and in the same class as him. She has a crush on him but doesn't really act on it. Unless you count beating the crap out of him. She is also pretty hot headed, at least where Ken is concerned. Masato is very laid back and a womanizer who doesn't like military strickedness. He joined against the wishes of his father and is part of a very wealthy family. Lyune is the daughter of the founder of DC and very proud of that fact. She will stop at nothing to protect her fathers legacy. Tunnel vision doesn't begin to describe her fixation. DC is an organisation founded after the disaster of 2029 that destroyed much of Tokyo. They help clean up the mess and make the city livable again. After Bain died in an accident he was replaced by Shu, one of his closest assistants. Saphine is the second in command of DC and fiercely loyal to Shu. She largely keeps her own agenda though and Story. Ken has grown up in a destroyed Tokyo after the disaster of 2029. Now 11 years later humanity is slowly rebuilding the city led by DC. He wants nothing more than to join and do his part. Just as he finally made it is the city comes under attack by a massive robot with amazing powers. As DC changes from a benevolent organisation to a military he wonders what he should do and starts to learn the terrible secret about the disaster that happened 11 years before. Rant. It is very rare that you get an anime like this that makes such a collossal mess of its story. The main story line is fairly linear but there are many many many side plots revealed only to be discarded mere minutes later. It changes something that should be enjoyable a slog to go through. Nothing is worked out to a satisfying end and that includes the main plot of the anime. It came so suddenly that I actually had to check to see if I missed an episode. There is no final battle between the heroes and villains. The villains start to do something and the heroes unleash their final attack and it is over in seconds. Characters? What characters? There are no characters in this anime, but stereo types. They switch motivations so fast sometimes that you often wonder what happened or why something is happening. Shu being the main villain is long hidden as every time you see someone doing something it is Saphine. Shu is usually in the background working the political side while she does the oparational side. This works because you never know for sure if he is bad or just kept in the dark by Saphine. Then this is completely destroyed because suddenly you see Shu being evil and shit utterly wasting a potential plot twist where he betrays he main characters when they least expect it. This happens time and again in the story where something potentially good is set up only to be wastes. I'm not disappointed by this anime being bad I'm disappointed because I could see the greatness it could have been. So many things could have been improved by a slight rewrite. One example is the mercenary Dallas. He is set up as a cold blooded killer but when he faces Shu is an one on one fight he gets the upper hand because Saphine interfered. He gets annoyed and retreats in disgust, leaving Ken free to escape. Literally some time before he was launching rpg's at the house Ken was staying in to smoke them out, knowing it was inhabited by kids. After the fight he is also shown mercilessly slaughtering soldiers on the battlefield laughing the entire time. So you now have one character behaving completely differently, depending on the situation he is in. Either you have some sort of honor code or you have none. None of this is set up so do it and give him one. Have him mention how he admires samurai and/or the dualing code. Now you constantly sit there and wonder if you get the madman or the honerable fighter this time round. If you do a drinking game where you drink every time a character does something unexpected than you will not survive this anime

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