Project Blue Earth SOS

TV (6 eps x 45 min)
3.356 out of 5 from 237 votes
Rank #9,142

In the year 2000, humanity has advanced rapidly in terms of technology, with inventions such as the G-Reactive engine allowing aircraft to move at never-before-seen speeds. However, all is not well and every vehicle to have used this new technology has disappeared on its maiden voyage, following the arrival of a group of rainbow lights. Eager to solve the mystery behind this is a young man named Penny Carter who soon enlists the help of genius teenager Billy Kimura, owner of the company that makes the G-Reactive engine. However, they soon discover the cause to be UFOs, which threaten the Earth's very safety! Now, they must combat this extraterrestrial foe, understand it, and find out exactly who's behind the situation before it’s too late...

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