Project ARMS

TV (26 eps)
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Ryo Takatsuki injured his right arm in an accident years ago. The resulting surgery brought about some unexpected, but not entirely unwelcome changes -- enhanced healing along with the presence of a superweapon dubbed "ARMS" in his body. But with all power comes a price, and with newfound allies who share his predicament, he must battle a secret organization trying to control the ARMS while trying to find the truth behind the weapon in his body for himself...

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PlatapusSpasmAK47's avatar
PlatapusSpasmAK47 Oct 2, 2010
Score 4/10 was your average shounen series I guess. Except this one had a darker twist to it.Honestly though, it was nothing new. Boy gets power. He's scared of power. Faces strong opponent. Defeats opponent. Meets even stronger opponent, etc. And the way the series set the powers up was very convenient, they get stronger with every usage. So, I guess I knew what I was headed for, so I wasn't too... read more

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DoodlebugFour Feb 12, 2019
Score 6.3/10

Project ARMS is a 2 Season 52 Episode 2001 Anime Adaption of a Award Winning 1997 Biopunk Action Manga that used to be published on Shonen Sunday. And in Japan, was pretty popular enough to get a Toyline, Card Game, PS2 Game, Multiple Manga re-releases including one with the anime's artsyle, and even a Pachinko back in 2013. Produced by TMS Entertainment, the same studio behind the likes of Sonic X and School... read more

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