Project A-Ko

Movie (1 ep x 84 min)
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A-ko is the brawn, B-ko is the brains, and C-ko is, well, C-ko. They'd make a great team, but A-ko and B-ko are rivals for C-ko's friendship, and if that wasn't confusing enough, there's an army of extra-planetary forces gunning for her too. The battle begins, though not without some comedy!

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CaptainSlow Jul 27, 2016
Score 7.5/10

What I Liked: All the many references to old school (70's and 80's) anime and action movies, from subtle things like the teacher's character design mirroring that of Creamy Mami's to scenes that directly take off Macross. Combat choreography is smooth and fluid for the most part. The English dub as a whole is passable, with Julia Brahms giving a great performance as the obnoxious C-ko. Brilliant, energetic... read more

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