Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva

Alt title: Layton Kyouju to Eien no Utahime

Movie (1 ep x 99 min)
4.074 out of 5 from 1,726 votes
Rank #1,133

After brilliantly solving yet another difficult case in London, Professor Layton and Luke receive their next challenge from one of Layton’s former students, Jenice. Now a talented opera singer,  Jenice recently received a visit from a young girl who claims to be the reincarnation of her deceased friend Milena and insists she’s discovered the key to eternal life. To investigate, the Professor and Luke travel to the Crown Petone Theater for a special opera performance, but what they find there quickly becomes a game of life and death with dire consequences...

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Professor Layton and his young apprentice, Luke, are invited by a former student, Jenis, to her opera performance in hopes of solving a mystery. Jenis was approached by a seven year old girl who holds private memories only Jenis and her deceased friend Melina held. The child claims to be Melina who has discovered the key to eternal life.The opera is about the lost kingdom of Ambrosia. The people of Ambrosia loved their musical queen and upon her passing, drank the elixir of life, granting them immortality as they waited for their queen to reincarnate. Legend has it that the kingdom of Ambrosia lies in wait of the return of their queen to this day.Upon completion of the performance, the members of the audience are forced to participate in a puzzle game, the winner of which will receive the gift of immortality. Professor Layton and Luke embark on an adventure and solve the mystery of eternal life. Based on a Nintendo game, the animation is simplistic, but not unpleasant, in keeping with the graphics of the DS. The score is a work of art in itself. It features a haunting melody with vocals accompanied by a pipe organ-type instrument. Music is obviously highly integrated into the film as it is central to its subject matter. For those who are not familiar with the games, there is adequate introduction to the characters in the beginning to understand and appreciate the anime. This is an all-around well executed piece--the pacing was good, the plot was achievable in the time frame of a movie format, the characters were likable, the animation was unique with very imaginative machines and the soundtrack was memorable.The film is appropriate for both young and mature. Enjoy the film for its action sequences, mystery and music or dig deeper into themes of grief, greed and morality and the true meaning of eternal life.


Co-writer in crime is Hesh. Find him here.. Or somewhere else Story 7/10 Everybody knows professor Layton from his puzzle games. These games involve professor Layton and his assistant solving all kinds of puzzles and with every puzzle or set of puzzle solved, you get further in the story. The movie is set up in the same way. Professor Layton is asked to solve a mystery by Janice Kathly. Janise’s friend suddenly appears again in front of her even though she’s supposed to be dead. The girl she met that day knew things only her friend is supposed to know... This is a mystery for professor Layton to solve. Sound 7/10 The voice actors have done a good job of expressing their characters. Especially professor Layton himself, his low voice soothes everyone in the audience. All characters have their own unique voice to identify with. The singing wasn´t perfect but it did the job… at least it doesn’t pierce your eardrums. The ambient sound wasn´t forgotten, there was always something going on in the background, the movie never felt silent. Animation 7.5/10 Professor Layton has a unique style of animation. Each character has a simplistic design with each their own unique characteristics to make them clearly distinguishable. Furthermore each character was very colorful but using somewhat darker tones. The setting matches the game in some cases. If my memories serves us correctly, the game overuses the color brown. The movie uses the dark-like setting this color brings with it, but does so by using a lot of different colors, not just brown. Characters 7/10 Every character has its unique features. This way everyone will have a character which is to their liking. We have a special place in our hearts for the police officer from Scotland yard with his epic ‘over the top’ shark surfing. Which was awesome.

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