PriPara Movie: Minna Atsumare! Prism Tours

Movie (1 ep)
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This PriPara Movie was not what I was especting at all. What I assumed would be a fun-filled original adventure with the current cast of PriPara turned out to be a mess of recycled clips and limited new material. Minimal effort was put into creating a plotline. It's not really possible to "spoil" this series, so I recommend giving this review a quick read before you try watching the movie, as you might also decide it's a waste of time. Story The very basic "plot" this movie has is the current cast of Pripara goes on a Prism Tour, which seems to be some magical train ride. After a few awkward 'let's talk to the kids in the audience' moments, the train ride eventually leads to an area where the girls meet three main characters from previous Pretty Rhythm series. The bulk (90%) of the movie involves no plot at all. The various characters instead introduce clips of concerts taken from the TV shows. So basically, this movie is a throwback collection of Pretty Rhythm and Pri Para music videos, with occasional voice overs by the characters. There is only a single concert sequence with original content, which is the finale. This scene is actually kind of cool because it has old characters singing together with new characters. Unfortunately, unlike other films which at least made an effort to create a story to bring everyone together, there is no reason why these characters were meeting up in the first place. Animation Animation was very weak, even in the original scenes created for this movie. Normally, films have higher budgets, but I don't think these guys did. Sound Because this was basically an hour-long music music video, the music was okay, assuming you like cutesy idol music. From my knowledge, there was no original songs for the movie. Characters Characters barely had a role, and there is no development. Luckily, this means you don't need to have seen all the Pretty Rhythm franchises to watch this movie, and might even serve as a good preview for older series as it shows a TON of characters and their concerts. It was neat to see everyone, would have been even better if they were actually "there" and not just flashbacks. Overall I wish they would have created a proper "movie", instead of a collection of old clips. A plot could have saved this. As is, it's okay to have in the background, but hard to sit down and watch. I would only recommend this to those who are die-hard fans of both Pretty Rhythm and Pripara.

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