Princess Tutu

Princess Tutu Episode 9 - (Dub) The Black Shoes

Rue and Duck are starting to become good friends. But a battle takes place between Tutu and Kraehe, Tutu is far too weak to go into a battle with Kraehe, so therefore Kraehe as a crow disappears, with a very disappointed Fakir.

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(Dub) The Duck and the Prince image

Episode 1

(Dub) The Duck and the Prince

(Dub) Heart Shard image

Episode 2

(Dub) Heart Shard

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Episode 3

(Dub) The Princess' Vow

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(Dub) Giselle

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Episode 5

(Dub) On the Night of the Fire Festival

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Episode 6

(Dub) Dreaming Aurora

(Dub) The Crow Princess image

Episode 7

(Dub) The Crow Princess

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Episode 8

(Dub) The Warrior's Fountain

(Dub) The Black Shoes image

Episode 9

(Dub) The Black Shoes

(Dub) Cinderella image

Episode 10

(Dub) Cinderella

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Episode 11

(Dub) La Sylphide

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Episode 12

(Dub) Banquet of Darkness

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Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

One night, Madoka has a terrible nightmare – against the backdrop of a desolate landscape, she watches a magical girl battle a terrifying creature, and lose. The next day, the teen's dream becomes reality when the girl – Homura – arrives at Mitakihara Middle School as a transfer student, mysteriously warning Madoka to stay just the way she...

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hurin hurin says

'Magical Girl' is usually aimed at kids. But these two shows can also be enjoyed by an older audience. Drosselmeyer and Kyubey both seem to take sadistic pleasure in manipulating young girls.

VivisQueen VivisQueen says

Shoujo turned serious, that is the trait Princess Tutu and Madoka Magica have in common. They take a cute, fluffy magical girl concept and add plenty of shadow and tragedy and weird artistic motifs to create an eerie atmosphere. But while Madoka Magica is focused on duelling and action, Princess Tutu is metafiction trying to rework the tropes of fables and fairytales.

sothis sothis says

Princess Tutu and Madoka take young girls, give them magical transformation powers of varying levels, and put them into increasingly horrific situations. If you liked the dark tone of one, check out the other.

Cardcaptor Sakura

Cardcaptor Sakura

Sakura Kinomoto never imagined that by opening a book in her father's library, she'd be responsible for releasing wild magic into the world, yet that's exactly what she did. Too powerful to be let loose on the world, the magical Clow cards were sealed away long ago by their creator, Clow Reed. But all is not lost, for the guardian beast, Keroberos, was...

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requiem requiem says
Very cute, cuddly, and altogether cunning. Both Princess Tutu and Card Captor Sakura pull of incredible story lines, despite their childish/fantasy-based themes. Consider either title should you like mahou-shoujo (magic-girl) anime.
Kilplow Kilplow says

Cardcaptor Sakura and Princess Tutu are two of the best magic girl stories out there. While both of collection elements, the larger similarity is both shows have strong second halves. Also characters in both shows have changing roles. In Cardcaptor Sakura, Syaoran is at first a rival, then an unwitting ally, finally a friend, and then a lover. In Princess Tutu, the Prince goes from the hero to a villain, while the Knight goes from a villain to the hero--and Rue changes from the black hearted foil to Ahiru, to the victim. Needless to say more, I found both to the best of the respective shared genre

KiraRin KiraRin says

Both of these series gave me the initial feeling of "ick". I find it very hard to watch "magical girl" kind of shows, as I was put off by Magical Girl Sammy...

But I was pleasantly surprised by both of these, so much so that Princess Tutu is probably very close to my top 10. Don't let the genre put you off, as both of these may be childish on the surface, but explore adult relationships and feelings.

The animation is beautifully choreographed, especially in Tutu, and is matched beautifully to the sweeping crescendo of music.

I think if deep down inside you enjoy a good romance, you will like both of these. Just don't tell anyone ;)

Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket

Tohru Honda is a compassionate girl who is down on her luck. Her mother having recently died, she has been forced to camp out in the woods for shelter. However, things start to turn around once she is invited to live with class hunk Yuki Sohma and his family... but all is not as it seems! Yuki's family is burdened with a dark curse which causes them to turn...

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sothis sothis says
While based on different kind of plots, both of these series have a fair amount of shoujo, coupled with seriously funny parts. You could say that both have a mythical feel, as well... Fruits Basket involving people who change to animals, and Princess Tutu being a fairy-tale fable. I definitely get the same feel on certain aspects, watching these.
orangexxbumblebee orangexxbumblebee says

This might seem like a strech, since the plots really are extremely different, but there's something about the tone of the shows that connects these two in my mind. While Princess Tutu gets you hooked with the idea of a fairytale curse, by the end of the series what you really care about is the characters, and what happens to them. Fruits Basket does the same thing. While the Zodiac curse is amusing, it's the characters, the relationships that keep you watching. And the two heroines really are similar in their optimistic attitudes. So go check it out- I promise you won't be dissapointed.

AnimeObsessed AnimeObsessed says

Princess Tutu and Fruits Basket are similar in several ways. One of these is that they each have two lead male characters that somewhat parallel each other. Yuki (Fruits Basket) and Mytho (Princess Tutu) are both sweet and kind, and Kyo (Fruits Basket) and Fakir (Princess Tutu) are tough and stubborn. These shows are also alike in that there is a well-balanced amount of comedy and drama, and they both have the same fairytale feel to them.