Princess Resurrection

Alt title: Kaibutsu Oujo

TV (25 eps)
3.436 out of 5 from 5,580 votes
Rank #3,581

Hiro Hiyorimi is a boy who moved to the city to live with his sister; but as he was walking around town one day, he sacrificed himself to protect a girl from being hit by falling beams, and subsequently lost his life. Her name is Hime, and she is a princess who has the power to revive the dead with the flames of life. In return for reviving Hiro, he must work as a servant to protect her from any harm that comes her way. Yet even though Hiro now has a partially immortal life, his flames of life must be recharged daily or he will die yet again. Hime’s life is targeted by her siblings because the throne of the royalty is at stake, so Hiro must step up as a faithful servant to protect her life at all cost!

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mahius's avatar
mahius Mar 1, 2015
Score 6/10

Princess Resurrection is a 26 episode supernatural action anime, with aspects of harem. First impressions of this anime are mixed, I immediately picked up a drink upon seeing the intro and suspecting harem ecchi. It seemed to have promise with an interesting unique plotline about siblings of royal blood killling each other for the throne. There's a lot of crazy action sequences with fictional monsters like... read more

MikeSinner's avatar
MikeSinner Apr 19, 2012
Score 5/10

This is a great anime....
If you have absolutely nothing better to do and/or are eating in the meantime or doing something else that means you don't really have to pay attention to what's going on.

So, after watching the whole thing I indeed need to edit this review.
Not only is this mostly good as background noise, it's incomplete too.
No wonder the story is lacking and dimwhitted. No wonder I... read more

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