Princess Nine

Alt title: Princess Nine: Kisaragi Female Baseball Club

Princess Nine

Princess Nine Episode 8 - The Future on the Line

Izumi's finally learns whose picture is in her mother's locket... and when she does, she hates Ryo more than ever. She issues a challenge: Ryo's pitching versus Izumi's batting. And if Izumi wins, the Kisaragi Girls' Baseball team must disband!

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Hayakawa Ryo, Age 15 image

Episode 1

Hayakawa Ryo, Age 15

A Baseball Team at a Prestigious Girls' School? image

Episode 2

A Baseball Team at a Prestigious Girls' School?

In My Father's Footsteps image

Episode 3

In My Father's Footsteps

Welcome, Seira! image

Episode 4

Welcome, Seira!

Wave Motion Swing! image

Episode 5

Wave Motion Swing!

Catch This! image

Episode 6

Catch This!

We Need You, Izumi image

Episode 7

We Need You, Izumi

The Future on the Line image

Episode 8

The Future on the Line

Winners and Losers image

Episode 9

Winners and Losers

The Kisaragi Nine image

Episode 10

The Kisaragi Nine

Aim for Koshien! image

Episode 11

Aim for Koshien!

One Hundred Pitches image

Episode 12

One Hundred Pitches

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febe febe says

Prince of Tennis is simmilar to Princess nine in the aspect of athleticism and tournament while finding friends and hardship through  the juvenile age.