Princess Nine

Alt title: Princess Nine: Kisaragi Female Baseball Club

TV (26 eps)
3.808 out of 5 from 870 votes
Rank #2,092

Ryo has always enjoyed baseball, and has an incredibly fast pitch to prove it. She is better than any man she knows, yet has never really put her skills to the test; after all, baseball is a “man’s game”... until now! Keiko Himura, the chairman of Kisuragi High, has a goal: to create a team that proves women can play just as well as men -- if not better -- and she has chosen Ryo to be the new team's captain! With 8 more teammates to find, can the girls lead the team to the ultimate victory, to win at the famous stadium Koshien?

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Hayakawa Ryo, Age 15 image

Episode 1

Hayakawa Ryo, Age 15

A Baseball Team at a Prestigious Girls' School? image

Episode 2

A Baseball Team at a Prestigious Girls' School?

In My Father's Footsteps image

Episode 3

In My Father's Footsteps

Welcome, Seira! image

Episode 4

Welcome, Seira!

Wave Motion Swing! image

Episode 5

Wave Motion Swing!

Catch This! image

Episode 6

Catch This!

We Need You, Izumi image

Episode 7

We Need You, Izumi

The Future on the Line image

Episode 8

The Future on the Line

Winners and Losers image

Episode 9

Winners and Losers

The Kisaragi Nine image

Episode 10

The Kisaragi Nine

Aim for Koshien! image

Episode 11

Aim for Koshien!

One Hundred Pitches image

Episode 12

One Hundred Pitches

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