Princess Mononoke

Alt title: Mononoke Hime

Movie (1 ep x 134 min)
4.55 out of 5 from 52,958 votes
Rank #44

With the rise of the Iron Age in feudal Japan, man and nature grow increasingly at odds. As mankind infringes more and more into the kingdom of the beasts, many of the elder animal gods begin to succumb to their rage, cursing themselves as they lash out at rural and urban settlements alike. When a young Ashitaka, hero of his village, is imparted with one of these curses after slaying a crazed god, he forces himself into exile to prevent further harm to his village. As he ventures out into the world, however, he discovers just how dire the straights have become - with man and beast ready to break into all out war, his curse becomes the least of his problems. As both sides teeter dangerously on the side of outright slaughter of one another, Ashitaka sets his own problems aside and, using his charisma and honor, seeks to quell the hatred before it gets beyond repair - but will he be in time or is he simply delaying the inevitable?

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Sheex May 1, 2008
Score 8/10

For me personally, there's but one single event that makes Mononoke Hime  stand so firmly as a classic in the anime world.  No, it's not Miyazaki's brilliant capturing of the eternal struggle between man and nature, nor is it the heroic telling of a young warrior destined to save the world through both boundless passion and vicious strength; hell, it's not even the... read more

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roriconfan Aug 8, 2012
Score 9/10

The spiritual successor of Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, Princess Mononoke is Hayao Miyazaki’s take on the same subject but under a different light. And it was about time to get another epic because I was getting fed up with his cheery settings and simplistic stories. It is far more violent, angrier, and lacks flying machines, something Hayao loves to add in all his works. We can say it is his... read more

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Princess Mononoke
  • Vol: 5
  • 1997

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