Princess Minerva

OVA (1 ep x 45 min)
2.315 out of 5 from 152 votes
Rank #8,134

In the fantasy kingdom of Wisler, the King has fathered a sole heir: the brash, boyish and feisty princess Minerva! She has decided to enlist a group of bodyguards and thus, a tournament to find the strongest in the kingdom has been arranged. From across the globe, the best and the brightest have come to take a shot at becoming the champion including the Silver Rogue, the Lady Death, a former cleric and even… Minerva herself as the singing superhero Cutey Kamen?! With enemies lurking in the shadows, can Minerva beat out the competition for her own bodyguards?

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sothis Apr 15, 2005
Score 6/10

When I first picked up Princess Minerva, I had no idea what it would be about (except that I knew it was fantasy related). My viewing began in a positive fashion, but eventually spiraled down into boring-ville.

The story starts off with a brash and spunky Princess Minerva literally ripping through the title screen (humorous for sure) to announce that she wants a group of bodyguards... read more



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